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Complete Community Freeware Airport and Scenery List

2020.08.28 06:27 matt3788 Complete Community Freeware Airport and Scenery List

Hi everyone!
Over the last ten days our amazing community has been at work to create the first objects using the SDK and enhance our experience with lots and lots of new airports, buildings, POIs and scenery in general. I compiled a list of all the freeware scenery and airports I could find so far, most of it being posted on the FS2020 Creation subreddit.
If the mods want to sticky this post, feel free to do so. I will try to keep this list up-to-date, so all of you can have all the freeware stuff at a glance without having to dig through dozens of posts or websites. Enjoy and feel free to post your creations here as a comment, too!
Happy flying!
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2020.07.17 23:38 TessaBissolli A close look at the story. Part 23: Geographic clusters

The first twenty parts of the series focused on how the narrative of the Blacklist crumbles on close examination, and we then recapped most of what we had examined.
Now we have started to look at the story that emerges behind the thin, crumbling facade. We started by questioning exactly what did Katarina do for the KGB, the cabal, and IF she really was a CIA officer, as it seems, what did she do for them.
But we should also look for the small, subtle elements that are consistent, that weave a backdrop for the story behind the charade. And no better place to start, than the maps, the geographic clusters.
Places that are used over and over, creating links between characters.
For those who insist the answer is that the creator or show runner or some writers are from there, that answers the issue of why the place, not why cluster those characters around that place. Like the issue of the shared Scott name. It was the maiden name of JB's mother in law, which tells us why Scott and not Jennings, but not WHY two characters share a middle name.

The Chicago cluster

the Chicago and Michigan clusters
Kate is the first character connected to Chicago. That is how we learn of her. Red gives Liz how to contact Kate in 1.10
The Emissary Hotel in Chicago. Mr. Kaplan.
Sure it IS a Hitchcock nod. But the fact is, Kate's is tied to Chicago from the very beginning, and it continues in Requiem when Kate tells Katarina over the phone where her sister lives:
Masha can't stay in a hotel that long. She needs a home. I can take her to my sister in Chicago.
A sister that apparently is later on living in Wisconsin, when she supposedly enters WITSEC for providing evidence against a Russian mobster. Another link between Russians and Kate's family:
that seems to indicate that Kate's family was Russian, or had Russian (or USSR) ties. And considering she, an American was happy to care for the baby of a KGB asset so she could go spy on America, chances are, she was also a soviet symphatizer, or as u/jay00212 calls her, Kap the Commie.
I am still intrigued by the bizarre scenes of Kate's mother funeral. Something is beyond strange:

Another character with ties to Chicago is Katarina's mother, Lena Volkova AKA Virginia Lopatin King
Name's Virginia Lopatin. Married Tim King in '98. Lives in Chicago with a dog and a cat, three credit cards, and a subscription to Foreign Affairs.
She also has a cover story of being Russian, migrating to the US in the late 1970s (but no accent):
I met Virginia in 1998. The love of my life. I-I knew it the moment I laid eyes on her. She told me she was from Saint Petersburg, uh, that she'd split with her husband in her 40s, came to America to start over, and spent the rest of her life here.
The third character with ties to Chicago is Tom Keen, who believed his name was Jacob Phelps, and whose terrible foster parents, the Phelps, lived in Chicago:
You stole the purse, Jacob. Like the credit cards and the Pontiac.... I'm surprised you haven't stolen more, considering the situation with your foster home.
the fake brother tells Liz:
I don't know his real name. He's got a brother in Chicago. I've heard him talk about a woman, Niki.
and as we see in Tom's social services report, he stole a car there to drive to NYC where he is picked up by the Major at about 14 years old:
I've been running since I was 14. It's all I've known.
Tom's social service records indicate his foster parents lived in Chicago

The most interesting aspect of it, occurs between New York and Chicago, for we have some connecting aspects, including in the timeline between Katarina's mother and Tom:
Tom's parents live in New York, where Halcyon's headquarters are. He, even without remembering anything from his childhood before been taken at age 3 (almost 4) steels a car at about age 14 and drives to New York, as if something in his mind pulled him back there. The Major picks him up there, and trains him to be a covert agent. Tom was taken from Ocean City, but it is unclear if that is ocean City in New Jersey or in Delaware.
The Major picks him up circa 1998/1999 at about age 14.
While Katarina's mother, who started up in New York in 1991, where she boards a ferry and assumes a new identity, Virginia Lopatin, and she ends up in Chicago, where she meets and marries Ted King in 1998.
but is the timing which is quite interesting.
there is some interstigigmovements
in season 7 we learn that Cooper was born in Chicago.
I do not think it means anything, for the paths of Cooper and Red cross until much later in life, but it works to keep the place in mind, as do the multiple mentions of the city:

The Midwest cluster (excluding Chicago)
There are a number of characters whose stories are anchored in the Midwest.
The most notable is Red, with his stories of Michigan, and the details of his word choices and even culinary likes.
Sam is the other character that since we meet him, back in 1991 was residing in Nebraska. Red says he has known Sam for most of his life. That is consistent with a childhood in the Midwest for Red, and a life there for Sam.
I've been friends with Sam for all of yours and most of my life.
and even what Katarina seems to have told Kate.
The question is how did Katarina meet Sam? I can see Sam having lived in other places in the Midwest. But how was his name not connected to anyone, so that all these years nobody could find Liz?
It has to be in Red and/or Katarina's real identities.
Yet another character in that cluster is Kathryn Nemec, who took the name Kate after 1991, and the surname Kaplan after Annie was killed.
Kathryn Nemec has deep ties to the midwest:
Kathryn Nemec is missing?
Yeah, she disappeared in 1991, just dropped off the grid. Lived at a few addresses in the Midwest in her 30s. Worked at an exclusive domestic staffing agency, but then one day she's just gone. - And there is no more record
If Kate was born as her fake ID suggest in 1953, she would have been in her 30s in the early 1980s, and she was hired by Katarina when Liz was near a year old, so sometime in late 1986 to late 1987, when she worked in Canada, where all the memories we saw took place until Liz was kidnapped in the Autumn of 1990.
It is possible Kate was older than that, but still not for much. She would have been working in the Midwest in the late 1970s to 1986/87 when she went to Canada.
Kate sister, If that story by Red is true, moved from Chicago, where she was in 1991 to Wisconsin.
Years ago, a Wisconsin housewife named Maureen Rowan was outside in the wee hours with the family dog, Dodger. It was absolutely frigid. No one in their right mind would've been out in that kind of bitter cold, and if not for Dodger's aging bladder, I imagine Maureen would have been fast asleep. But as fate would have it, her neighbor, Alexei Lagunov the avtoritet of a Russian bratva, felt given the late hour and windchill, he and his boyeviks could move a body from his basement to the trunk of an associate's car without being observed. They didn't count on Dodger's call to nature.
So Maureen had a choice between remaining silent or doing the right thing. She chose to testify. And while she helped to bring Alexei Lagunov to justice, she also forfeited the rest of her life in doing so. She's on that list.
LIZ: Who is she to you?
Maureen Rowan is Kate's sister-- uh, Mr. Kaplan's sister. I didn't need to find her. I just needed to make sure no one else can.
Outside of the mythology cluster, we have Donald Ressler, whose childhood was in Detroit:
Well, that's exactly what Tommy Markin used to tell my dad. They were partners-- Detroit PD.
we got to visit that part of Ressler's life in Brothers.

The New York cluster
the next cluster is in New York, where we have the Hargraves, whose company Halcyon Aegis is located in NYC. They go to a Summer Beach house in Ocean City, but is uncertain if that is the one in Delaware, or the one in New Jersey.
The letter instructing Mrs Game to have her convicted killer son confess to the murder of Christopher Hargrave AKA Tom Keen, which stopped the official investigation into his disappearance came from a PO box in New York with 100,000 in cash:
Letter come special delivery. Return address was a PO box in New York. $100,000 if Richard said he did something he didn't.
Tom, at about age 14, stole a car in Chicago and drove to NY. There, the Major picked him up.

Dom's house with the blue door is in upstate NY, near Wilmington, NY, where Katarina supposedly got a PO box under the name Tracey Ivers as a communication set-up. A drawing of a house with a blue door is among Katarina's childhood things, suggesting Dom had this house since Katarina was a child.
Lena is also living near NYC in 1991, for she boards a ferry from Long Island, New York to New London, Connecticut in 1991, two weeks after the alleged suicide in Cape May of Katarina.
You're gonna take the ferry to New London, and then, you'll take the bus to Boston.

Red said he invested money in a play NYC in 1991:
I was completely swept up in the idealism of the theatre owner-- a pipe-smoking cream puff of a German named Gerta. She read "Mother Courage" to me aloud-- the whole play in one sitting. A brilliant exploration of the politics of war and those who profit from it. Sadly, it was 1991, and audiences were going in droves to see "Cats." Gerta lost every penny of my investment, but she remains grateful to this day. Her theater is ours as long as we need it.

Jennifer told Liz when she left, she was going to a friend in Long Island. Truth or lie?
I've got a friend with a place on Long Island. It's peaceful there this time of year. I could use peaceful.
and finally, the cabin where Red sends Emma Knightley is in Vermont, but on Lake Camplain, which straddles New York and Vermont, close to Wilmington.

The Philadelphia cluster

the Philadelphia cluster is the intersection of the wife and mistress of RR
Another cluster occurs in Philadelphia, another city often mentioned. This one connects the wife and mistress of RR:
The woman we met as Naomi Hyland is assigned to Philadelphia when she enters witness protection:
And by Thursday, we were in Philadelphia, fending for ourselves.
So, Garvey must have also had been assigned to Philadelphia at the time, a young US Marshal assigned to the case of Carla and Jennifer Reddington. It is unclear how he made them disappear, if he just did that, or if there was an elaborate fake death or crime scene created, as he did for Sutton Ross.
But the really interesting thing comes from the train station Katarina has Ilya meet her according to Rassvet: 30th street station.
There is only one train station of that name, in Philadelphia, which likely means the motel Katarina was staying was also near Philadelphia, and likely the shelter she was in in February of 1991, if we are to believe the newscast, was in the general area as well.
And if that shelter stay was in February of 1991, before the fake drowning in March/April 1991,then we have a possible point of contact between the two women: They would have been in Philadelphia about the same time. The motel
If Katarina fabricated the treason evidence, but Carla is who went into Witness Protection, then either they are the same woman, or they met after Carla was placed in Protective Custody, when she reported her husband missing on December 27, 1990. Because after this, how could she have known about evidence that did not exist until Katarina made it?
a women's shelter that is likely to have been in the Philadelphia area
A shelter for women in Philadelphia seems the place to meet, if they are not the same woman, because Carla Reddington claimed to be terrified of her husband who was a threat to her and her daughter, while we know Katarina seems to have been in one of those, and had bruises to make it credible she was scared of someone.
there have been numerous mentions of Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia in particular. Not that they are necessarily directly connected, but they keep the location fresh in our minds:

The greater DC area cluster
A cluster that is obvious occurs in the DC area, including Maryland and Virginia. The majority of the action takes place in there. But we have a few items of note, regarding the main characters.
Red blows up a house in Takoma Park Maryland, where he says he raised his family.
An address near Blacksburg, VA is noted in a fingerprint sheet of Raymond Reddington, dated 1989
Carla Reddington was supposed to have lived in the DC area before 1990:
He's looking for someone who lived in D.C. before 1990....Turns out Lord Baltimore's not looking for Mr. Reddington.
the cabin where Red takes Naomi after he ransoms her back from Berlin is in rural Maryland:
People that Frank and Naomi might have reached out to.
There's a woman Monica Lyons. She got six calls today, all unanswered. All came from a pay phone at a gas station in rural Maryland. Only a handful of homes in that area.
and Ilya seems to be in DC:
Red's apartment is in Bethesda,Maryland,
and he has a townhouse or apartment in Vinegar Hill, Maryland.
LIZ: What is this place?
RED: Something of a hideaway. It used to be home to one of the finest American writers who ever lived – Fredrick Hemstead.
A number of characters are also tied to DC: Alan Fitch, Peter Kotsiopolpus, Diane Fowler, tc.
Of course the DC greater area is featured quite often, as is the location of the task force, so is not remarkable. What is remarkable are the specific two mentions of Takoma Park, which kept the locale fresh in our minds:

The beach area cluster: Cape May, Ocean City & Rehoboth Beach
Those are remarkably close. They link the Reddingtons, Katarina and the Hargraves. The two families would be renting houses, going for the Summer, at about the same time.
Think that Constantin blackmails Susan Hargrave with something she wants hidden. this creates another link.

Katarina supposedly went to Cape May of all places to commit suicide, there has been no reason given for it. But I bet there is one.
Two months later, she went to Cape May and left her clothes on the beach, walked into the ocean, and was never seen again.
There was a stay at a Dover motel Liz investigated:
I was taken to a motel in Dover the night of the fire. But I went there. It's a dead end.
This stay leads Liz to believe the fire was in 1991. Is this the motel where Kate was staying? or is this a misdirection again?
the hotel where Kate stayed at least from when Liz was dropped off, supposedly the night of the fire, to the time of the second call, about March/April 1991. Note her hot plate.

Rehoboth Beach is where Jennifer's parents took her in the Summer, a house apparently Liz remembers, or at least remembers being told it was "20 steps to the sand"
JENNIFER: The motel maybe. Or Dover. But not Delaware. My parents used to take me there every summer. To a house they'd rent an hour outside Dover - in Rehoboth Beach.
and when they get there, Liz remembers a phrase, and Jennifer notices Liz remembers:
JENNIFER: The ocean, the air. It all smells the same. The house we rented was right - There.
LIZ: 20 steps to the sand.
JENNIFER: You remember.

Ocean City (be Delaware or New Jersey) is close to Cape May or Rehoboth Beach where the Hargraves took their son for the Summer, from where Tom was abducted.

What is interesting to me is how close those places are. In particular how close Cape May and Rehoboth Beach are. Right across a narrow bay. And how close to Philadelphia they are.
If I were to stage a fake death in the water, Cape May might be handy, especially with a boat moored just off sight, crossing the bay to Rehoboth Beach. A wetsuit worn under the turtleneck.
But in the newspaper we see about the fire in Rehoboth Beach, there seems to be something hidden about the ownership of the house. Why was that? To hide the real name of the family? The Reddingtons, or a trust to obfuscate their real identity?
whose house it was that burned was not easy to ascertain.
see the entire series:
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2020.04.17 10:44 BroaIsland Sodor: The True Story. Chapter Three: The Skarloey Railway

Sodor: The True Story. Chapter Three: The Skarloey Railway
The following was originally written and posted onto the Sodor Island Forums on 27/01/2019 by BNSF1995. I did not write this, I repeat, I did not write this! Please go and give BNSF1995 the support they deserve:
The North Western Railway isn't the only railway on Sodor. One of the best-known railways on Sodor (and indeed, the world) is the Skarloey Railway. I already discussed its origins in the first chapter, so I'll divulge the early history of the railway.
It was at first intended that this line, like its predecessors, should be a mineral line only. The valley it served was sparsely populated, and it was thought that perhaps one coach in addition to the set of quarry-men's coaches would suffice for local needs. When, however, during the survey, the long-forgotten lake and hidden hollow of Skarloey was accidentally rediscovered, the Board’s thinking underwent a change.
Spas were popular at the period and offered the possibility of a lucrative passenger business. Skarloey’s mineral springs and sheltered situation took hold on the minds of some members of the Board, among them Shamus Tebroc who conceived the idea of developing Skarloey as a spa. An hotel and a number of villas were built as a speculation, and the gravity worked incline which had been installed for the conveyance of materials was retained and up-graded for coals, merchandise, and passengers’ luggage.
They renamed the line The Skarloey Railway. A set of the then most up-to-date passenger coaches were ordered from Brown, Marshall & Co., and the engines, Nos.1 and 2 were built by Fletcher, Jennings & Co. of Whitehaven, and named Skarloey and Rheneas respectively after the two places to which they hoped to attract people with their publicity campaign. At the time of the Railway's opening, its Controller was Mr. Mack.
For a few years the plan worked, but then, apart from a few keen anglers, and a steady trickle of summer visitors, numbers fell. This, though better than nothing, was far from the profitable venture for which the promoters had hoped.
By 1900 there were-signs too that the veins of copper were beginning to run out; but miners searching for further copper in the foothills came upon good slate. The Company’s main interest was in copper, but they had no objection to using slate as a secondary freight. They lost interest, however, when the copper ran out at last, and sold out in 1909 to a Mr. Handel Brown of Cros-ny-Cuirn. Mr. Brown was principal landowner in the valleys, and prospective M.P. for Sodor East.
Slate boomed during the First World War, but slumped badly afterwards. Mr. Brown nevertheless kept quarries and railway going for the sake of his tenants. Sir Handel - he was created a Baronet in 1937 - died in 1950, and his son, now Sir Handel II, inherited an estate crippled by death duties. Much as he would have liked to be able to do so, he could not afford to take his father‘s philanthropic view of the dubious bundle of assets he now held. The Railway’s Controller between 1936 and 1951 was Mr. Robert Sam, who stepped down in favor of his son in the latter year.
During the Second World War the old mines had been commandeered for ammunition dumps, and the line was worked to the limit providing slate for blitzed houses and pit props for mines. The borrowed locomotives and stock had now gone, and his own locomotives, rolling stock, and track were shockingly run down. Sir Handel II had however a fine Manager in Mr Peter Sam who, backed by his Foreman, Ivo Hugh, believed in the line, and was convinced that it had a future. They persuaded Sir Handel to delay closure for a year. During that year Rheneas, the one serviceable locomotive, was carefully nursed, and carried the whole burden of traffic; but this epic heroism would have availed little had it not been for two discoveries:.
  1. In the hills near Rheneas of a new and hitherto untapped bed of slate entirely free from metallic impurities, and thus in demand for many other purposes besides roofing, and
  2. The discovery among the muniments of Ulfstead Castle in 1953 of a tattered copy of a document hitherto believed lost, The Book of Sir Harald, an epic poem in Sudric about the exploits of Sir Harald Marown, Regent of Sodor (1263-1275), a careful study of which suggested that Skarloey was the “Secret Sanctuary” to which on occasion he retired, and from which time after time he emerged with devastating force to fight invading Scots to a standstill. When ”digs” undertaken by the Sodor Archaeological Society found supporting evidence, interest grew and passenger traffic with it.
Falcon and Stuart (formerly Nos. 3 & 4 of the Mid-Sodor Railway) were bought in 1952 from the Sodor Aluminium Company and renamed Sir Handel and Peter Sam respectively. As revenue further increased, Skarloey and Rheneas were rebuilt, the line was gradually relaid, two other locomotives, Rusty and Duncan, was acquired, and rolling stock rebuilt and added to.
The railway’s revival was such that in 1963 it was decided to extend round the lake as a tourist attraction. This was partly funded by the sale of the old slate quarry to the Ministry of Defence in 1960. This loop-line was opened in 1965 at the railway’s Centenary, and has proved its worth. In 1966, the Railway left private ownership when a Share Issue was floated and it became a Company.
In 1969, another former Mid-Sodor Railway locomotive, Duke was discovered and brought to Crovan’s Gate. Now rebuilt, he forms part of the SR locomotive stud, and they are thus in the happy position of having locomotive power to spare. They were thus able to help the Talyllyn Railway out of a difficulty. In 1982 the Talyllyn’s No. 3, Sir Haydn, urgently needed repairs, and was likely to be away for some time. Hearing of this Sir Handel Brown at once offered the loan of his No.3 as a replacement. Sir Handel performed his duties on the Talyllyn for two years to everyone’s satisfaction and has now returned to his home shed.
In 1980, the Skarloey Railway Board unanimously approved Roger Sam to succeed his father as the Railway’s Controller. In 1989, the Railway constructed a second diesel locomotive, Fred, from the parts of two bought from the National Coal Board. In 1991, Mr. Ivo Hugh retired as Foreman and was succeeded by his son, David Hugh. Five years later, in 1996, the Railway constructed the latest addition to its locomotive fleet, Ivo Hugh, named in honor of the former Foreman.
That above information was transcribed from the Thomas & Friends Wiki, because it's all true. However, there's more to the story. Not mentioned in any of the Awdrys' notes or books, but documented by other researchers and fans (and exaggerated by the TV series) are other engines.
Sir Handel was not the original #3 of the SKR. That title went to Proteus.

Proteus as he appeared in his brief appearance in the TV series. This is not at all what he looked like, as HiT had simply repainted Sir Handel's model and mounted the body on Peter Sam's chassis to create a new character without even trying.
Proteus is, to date, the only vertical-boiler engine to have been used on the SKR. He led an uneventful life as the Crovan's Gate shunter until he was traded to the factory Duncan came from. He underwent the Final Firing in 1962 and was subsequently scrapped, a victim of age and deferred maintenance.
Another engine not mentioned by the Awdrys is Kate, and for good reason. She was an extremely rude engine who learned her lesson too late and was sent away after a brief stint as SKR #4 in the 1880s. Arnold was another example of an ill-tempered engine who, too, was sent away after learning his lesson too late. These two were brought up by Shimmering Sparkles in his Thomas stories on following research of SKR company records.
The Ministry of Defense engines have always been a mystery. The only description the Awdrys got was that they were "beetle-like", leading many to believe they were Simplex tractors much like the one owned by the Ffestiniog Railway. The nature of their work was secretive, though it can be assumed they were used for moving wagons around the ammo dump.
Characters made for the TV series are a mixed bag.
\"Fearless\" Freddie never worked on the SKR, but Sir Handel and Peter Sam did indeed know him due to working at the Peel Godred Aluminium Works with him. The real Freddie is currently on static display at the Vicarstown Railway Museum.
![img](xaja1py2cct41 " Mighty and Mac were built as Single Fairlies at Boston Lodge for the North Wales Narrow Gauge Railway. They never even ran on the NWNGR, being sold to an industrial line in favor of Moel Tryfan and Snowdon Ranger. They eventually found themselves at the Peel Godred Aluminium Works, where both fell victim to accidents. Mighty was withdrawn after crashing into a tunnel and destroying his cab, while Mac's accident was the final nail in the coffin for the troubled project. A group of teenage boys, while playing with illegally-acquired rockets, accidentally had one of them tip over and fire straight at Mac's train, killing his driver and fireman, and destroying his rear-end and entire train. Both were sheeted up until being rediscovered in 2003, at which point they were taken to Crovan's Gate Works, and had their rear-ends grafted together to form a Double Fairlie. The combined locomotive, Mighty Mac, is now used for heavy goods trains. ")
![img](2ixp7ss5cct41 " Luke never existed. He, like many other characters, were created specifically for merchandising. ")
From the day he took over as the Thin Controller, Roger Sam had a vision to expand the railway beyond its current bounds. And so, between 1991 and 2006, the SKR saw the construction of two major lines. The first line, known as the Western Line, starts at a junction near Lakeside and travels west all the way to the outskirts of Ulfstead. This line serves Mountain Village, Strawberry Grove, Rumblin Bridge, Elephant Park, and Ulfstead Castle, and is mainly used to serve the major slate mines at Blue Mountain Quarry and the many farms of Sodor's interior. Boulder Quarry also lies in this line, having been built in conjunction with the NWR, abandoned after the infamous boulder incident (research suggests that the boulder was used by King Godred to wipe out invading Normans), and then reopened in 2013 after an elementary school field trip stumbled upon what they described as "weird crystals", which turned out to be anhydrite. Explorations revealed the largest concentration of anhydrite ever found, resulting in the quarry's reopening (after the boulder was moved to the Sodor History Museum in Norramby) and daily anhydrite trains run by both railways.
The other line, known as the Eastern Line, runs east to Vicarstown, starting at a junction just before Tunnel #2. This line is almost exclusively used for goods, though passenger services use it during the summer. This line is unique for featuring one of only two coal mines on Sodor, the other being on the Loop Line near Crosby. This mine features an incline much like the one at the slate mine at Skarloey. The line terminates at the Goods Depot in Vicarstown, where all non-slate goods are interchanged with the NWR.
As a result of these extensions, the original railway to Skarloey and Lakeside was renamed the Central Line.
The Skarloey Railway roster as of 2019. From left to right: #1 Skarloey, #2 Rheneas, #3 Sir Handel, #4 Peter Sam, #5 Rusty, #6 Duncan, #7 Ivo Hugh, #8 Duke, #9 Fred. Not shown: #10 Mighty Mac.
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2020.02.11 23:41 sto_sa The list so far for RSD 2020 (an ongoing project...)

List Updated to include RSD UK titles as confirmed in Long Live Vinyl Magazine.
These titles may not necessarily all be included on the US list, and further US-exclusive titles will be announced.
The 3 Pieces - Iwishcan William - 12” (Rogue Cat)
Ace of Base - The Sign - 7” picture disc (IK7 Records)
Acid Mothers Temple - Nam Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo E - 2LP (Space Age Recordings)
Namja Akhtar - Five Rivers - 12” (Last Minute Productions)
The Alarm - Electric Folklore Live ‘88 - 2LP (21st Century Recordings)
Lee Alfred - Rockin’/Poppin’ Full Tilting - 7” (Cancer Records)
Alessandro Alessandroni - Ritmo dell’industria n. 2 - LP (BTF)
Alpha & Omega Meets the Disciples - Sacred Art of Dub, Vol. 1 - LP (Mania Dub)
Alphaville - Sounds Like a Melody - 12” (Warner Music Germany)
The Amorphous Androgynous - A Monster Psychedelic Bubble - LP (FSOL Digital)
Andy & The Odd Socks - Happy Birthday/Remember You’re An Odd Sock - 7” picture disc (CMG)
Annihilator - Triple Threat Unplugged - 12” (Neverland Music Inc.)
Archers of Loaf - Raleigh Days/Street Fighting Man - 7” (Merge Records)
Louis Armstrong - Armstrong in France LP (Dot Time Records)
Art Brut - Modern Art - 7” (Alcopop!)
Ed Askew ft. Trembling Bells - London - 12” (Tin Angel Records)
Asking Alexandria - Stand Up and Scream - LP (Sumerian Records)
B-Fax - B-Fax - LP (Disco-Ordination)
Badflower - The Jester Acoustic - 12” (Big Machine UK)
Chet Baker Trio - Mr. B - LP (Tidal Waves Music)
The Bamboos - Twenty Years 2000-2020 - 2x7” (Tru Thoughts)
Band of Pain - A Clockwork Orange - 12” (Dirter Promotions)
Bardo Pond - On the Ellipse - 2LP (Fire Records)
Robbie Basho - Selections from The Sounds of Avatars - LP (Tompkins Square)
Bastille - All This Blood - 2LP (Virgin EMI)
Batmobile - Big Bat A Go-Go - 7” (Music on Vinyl)
Jessie Baylin - Pleasure Center - 12” EP black and white marbled (New West Records)
Beck/St. Vincent - No Distraction/Uneventful Days - 7” (Capitol)
Gerry Beckley - Discovering America - 10” (Morgan Blue Town)
The Bevis Frond - Valedictory Songs - 2LP (Fire Records)
The Bevis Frond - What Did For the Dinosaurs - 2LP (Fire Records)
Joan Bibiloni - Selected Works: 1982-1989 - 12” (NuNorthern Soul)
Biffy Clyro - The Modern LepeModern Love - 7” (Warner)
Black Honey - Corrine - 12” (Black Honey)
The Black Keys - Let’s Rock - 2LP (Nonesuch/Warner)
Black Lips ft. Kesha - They’s a Person of the World - 7” (Fire Records)
Black Sabbath - Evil Woman, Don't Play Your Games with Me / Wicked World / Paranoid / The Wizard 2x7” (WarneBMG)
Tim Blake - Crystal Machine (blue vinyl) (LMLCulture Factory)
Blanck Mass - Blanck Mass - 2LP (Sacred Bones)
BMX Bandits - C86 - LP (Glass Modern)
Marc Bolan & T. Rex - Shadowhead: 1972-1976 - LP (Demon)
Bombs of Hades - Phantom Bell (2LP) (red vinyl, etched side) (Black Lodge)
David Bowie - ChangesNowBowie (LP or CD) (Warner)
David Bowie - I’m Only Dancing (Soul Tour 74) - 2LP or 2CD (Warner)
Boys Next Door - Door, Door: 40th Anniversary (red vinyl) (Rhino Australia)
Broken Bones - Dem Bones - LP (Fall Out/Jungle)
Peter Bruntnell - Normal For Bridgwater
Jake Bugg - Saviours of the City - 7” (RCA)
Sam Burton - Nothing Touches Me - 7” (Tomkins Square)
Canned Heat & John Lee Hooker - Hooker 'n Heat (yellow/brown vinyl) (LMLR)
Caribou - Swim: 10th Anniversary Edition - 2LP (City Slang)
Brandi Carlile - Black Hole Sun/Searching With My Good Eye Closed - 12” (Elektra)
Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes - End of Suffering Live to Vinyl - 10” (International Death Cult)
Ron Carter - Foursight Stockholm - 2LP (IN+OUT Records)
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - 1992: The Love Album - LP (Chrysalis)
Neal Casal - Fade Away Diamond Time - 2LP (Not Fade Away)
Johnny Cash - Classic Cash: Early Mixes [early mix of 1988 album] - 2LP (Mercury/UMe)
Michael Chapman - Americana - LP (Mooncrest)
The Charlatans - The Charlatans UK vs. The Chemical Brothers - LP (Beggars Banquet)
The Charlatans - Live It Like You Love It - 2LP (UMC/Island)
Charli XCX - Vroom Vroom - 12” color (Atlantic)
Cheap Trick - Out To Get You [live 1977] - 2LP (Legacy/CMG)
The Chemical Brothers - Surrender to Love - 12” (Virgin EMI)
Don Cherry - Cherry Jam - 10” (Gearbox)
Cherry Ghost - Beneath This Burning Shoreline - 12” (Heavenly Recordings)
Cherry Ghost - Live at the Trades Club - 12” (Heavenly Recordings)
Christine and the Queens - La Vita Nuova: Sequences 2 et 3 - 7” gatefold (Because Music)
Chromeo - Needy Girl: Zdar Dub / Paper Faces Remix /Album Version // Lifelike Remix / Bloc Party Remix / Instrumental (eOne Music)
The Church - Gold Afternoon Fix (gold vinyl) (Real Gone Music)
Gary Clark, Jr ft. Andra Day - Pearl Cadillac - 12”/etching (Warner)
The Claude Diallo Situation - I Found A New Home - LP (Dot Time Records)
Clearlight Symphony - Clear Light Symphony (pink vinyl) (LMLCulture Factory)
Clutch - The Obelisk - 17LP box w/mat and signed litho (Weathermakers)
MJ Cole - Madrugada Remixes - 12” (Classics & Jazz UK)
Shirley Collins and Davy Graham - Folk Roots, New Routes - LP (Universal/Decca)
Michel Colombier - Capot Pointu - LP (PlayTime)
The Comet Is Coming - Imminent - 12” (Decca)
Charly Coombes - All in the End Is Harvest - LP (Finyl Vinyl)
Alice Cooper - Live at the Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, 19-02-82 (Rhino/Warner)
Ivan Conti - Poison Fruit (LP+7”) (green vinyl) (Far Out Recordings) (UK)
Corporation of One - So Where Are You/The Real Life - 12” (Smokin’)
Nev Cottee - Stations - LP (Wonderful Sound)
Cradle - The History - LP (Modern Harmonic)
Mikal Cronin - Switched-On Seeker - LP (Merge)
Keith Cross and Peter Ross - Bored Civilians (Universal/Decca)
The Cure - Bloodflowers: 20th Anniversary - 2LP (UMe/Polydor)
The Cure - Seventeen Seconds: 40th Anniversary - LP picture disc (UMe/Polydor)
Denzel Curry - Bulls on Parade/I Against - 7” (Loma Vista)
Cybotron - Colossus - LP (Dual Planet)
Czarface - Czarface & The Return of Metal Face - LP (Silver Age)
Holgr Czukay, Jaki Liebzeit, Jah Wobble - A Full Circle - 2x10” (Gronland)
D-Mob - We Call It Acieeed Remixes - 12” (London Records)
Etienne Daho - Surf - 12” (Warner Music France)
Dalvanius and The Fascinations/Golden Harvest - Voodoo Lady/I Need Your Love - 7” (Warm)
Damaged Bug - Bug On Yonkers - LP (Castle Face)
The Damned - Fiendish Shadows: 40th Anniversary - LP color vinyl (Cleopatra)
Dave Davies - Rock Bottom: Live at The Bottom Line - 2LP (Green Amp/Red River)
Miles Davis - Double Image: Directions in Music (Selections from The Complete Bitches Brew Sessions) - 2LP (CMG/Legacy)
Divina De Campo - Decoded - 12” (PEG Records)
Def Leppard ft. Brian May and Ian Hunter - Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame - LP (UMe/Virgin EMI)
Mac DeMarco - Other Here Comes The Cowboy Demos - LP purple (Macs Record Label)
Devil's Witches - Guns, Drugs, and Filthy Pictures 10" (Majestic Mountain)
Destiny’s Child - Say My Name - 12” picture disc (CMG/Legacy)
The Detroit Cobras - Feel Good/etching - 7” (Wild Honey)
The Dickies - Banana Splits: The Tra La La Song 7" (Cleopatra)
Dinosaur Jr. - Swedish Fist: Live in Stockholm - LP (Cherry Red)
Dio - Annica - 12” picture disc (BMG/Niji Entertainment)
Dissection - Somberlain (2LP) (blue vinyl, etched side) (Black Lodge)
DJ Cam Quartet - The Essential - LP (Attytude Records)
Doctors of Madness - Dark Times - LP (Molecular Scream)
The Doors - The Soft Parade: Doors-Only Mix - LP (Rhino/Elektra)
Down N Outz - The Music Box - 12” (UMe)
Dr. John - Remedies - LP color vinyl (Get On Down)
Barry Dransfield - Barry Dransfield - LP (Glass Modern)
The Durutti Column - Idiot Savants (white vinyl) (180gr) (Demon)
The Durutti Column - Vini Reilly/WomadLive - 2LP + 7” (Factory Benelux)
Steve Earle - Times Like These/It’s About Blood - 7” (New West Records)
Clint Eastwood & General Saint - Stop That Train - 7” glow -in-the-dark (Greensleeves)
Luiz Eca y Familia Sagrada - La nueva onda del Brasil - LP (Vinilissimo)
Eddie & The Hot Rods - Get Your Rocks Off (2LP) (Jungle/Skydog)
Terry Edwards - Stop Trying to Sell Me Back My Past - 2LP (Sartorial Records)
Embryo - Embryos Rache - LP color vinyl (Loneos)
Embryo - Opal - LP color vinyl (Loneos)
Emerald Web - Valley of the Birds - LP (Trading Places)
Emerson, Lake, and Palmer - Live At Waterloo Field, Stanhope, New Jersey, US, 31st July 1992
Eminem - My Name Is/Bad Guys Always Die - 7” (Universal)
Brian Eno - Rams - LP (UMe)
Erasure - Blue Savannah - 12” (Mute)
Esplendor Geometrico - Necrosis en la playa - 7” (Geometrik)
Bill Evans - Some Other Time: The Lost Session from The Black Forest - 2LP (Resonance Records)
The Ex - All Corpses Smell the Same - 7” (Superior Viaduct)
Exit North - Book of Romance and Dust - 2LP (Exit North Records)
Ezra Collective - Clash of the Galazies - 12” (Enter the Jungle)
The Fall - Austurbæjarbíó Reykjavik Live 1983 - 2LP (Cherry Red)
The Fall - Cerebral Caustic: 25th Anniversary - LP color vinyl (Demon)
Fallen Angels - Paradise Lost - 2LP + poster + book (Sunbeam)
Fatboy Slim - Sunset (Bird Of Prey) 20th Anniversary Edition - 12" (SKINT)
Feeder - Feeling a Moment / Pushing the Senses - 12" (Echo)
The Feminine Complex - Livin’ Love - LP or CD (Modern Harmonic)
Field Music - Measure - 2LP (Memphis Industries)
Lee Fields - Let’s Get a Groove On - LP (Daptone)
Fight - A Small Deadly Space (gatefold) (red and black marble vinyl) (Real Gone Music)
Craig Finn - All These Perfect Crosses - 2LP (Partisan)
Kelly Finnigan - The Tales People Tell - LP (Colemine Records)
Flamin’ Groovies - Live at the Whiskey A Go-Go ‘79 - LP (Revenge Records)
Flawes - Highlights - LP (Red Bull Records)
Fleetwood Mac - Before The Beginning Vol 2 (3LP) (4/17 release date)
Fleetwood Mac - The Alternate Rumours - LP (Rhino/Warner)
The Fleshtones - Face of the Screaming Werewolf - LP or CD (Yep Roc Records)
Blaze Foley - Live at the Austin Outhouse - LP + 7” (End of an EaLost Art)
Josephine Foster - This Coming Gladness - LP (Fire Records)
Fraternity - Livestock - LP (Reel Music)
The Frumpies - Frumpie One Piece/Frumpies Forever - LP + 7” (Kill Roc Stars)
Future Sound of London - Cascade 2020 - LP (FSOL London)
Fuzztones - Lysergic Emanations - LP picture disc (Easy Action)
Serge Gainsbourg - Ces Petit Riens - LP (Ina)
Galaxie 500 - Copenhagen - 2LP/etching (202020 Records)
Rory Gallagher - Cleveland Calling LP - LP (Chess/UMC)
The Game - Born 2 Rap - 3LP (eOne Music)
Taana Gardner - Taana Gardner & Kenton Nix’s West End Works: Expanded - 2LP (Salsoul)
Gaston - My Queen - LP (Soul Brother Records)
Gemma Ray - Lights Out Zoltar! - LP pink (Bronzerat)
Gene - Rising for Sunset: 20th Anniversary - 2LP (Demon)
Giant Sand - Ramp - 2LP (Fire Records)
Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Pinata - LP (Madlib Invazion)
Girl Band - Vicar Street Live - 2LP (Rough Trade Records)
Philip Glass - The Essential - 4LP (Music On Vinyl)
Glass Animals w/ Denzel Curry - Tokyo Drifting - 12” picture disc (Wolf Tone)
Goblin - Greatest Hits Vol. 1 - 2LP (AMS)
Golden Earring - Radar Love (original UK/Mootan LP version) - 7” (Music On Vinyl)
Goldie Lookin Chain - Original Pyrite Material - LP gold (1983 Records)
Gong - Live! At Sheffield 1974 - 2LP (LMLR)
Gorgan City - Realm - 12” (Virgin EMI)
Gorillaz - D-Sides (3LP) (WarneParlophone)
Gorillaz - G-Sides (2LP) (WarneParlophone)
Ellie Goulding - Lights: 10th Anniversary - LP (Polydor)
Davy Graham - The Holly Kaleidoscope (Universal/Decca)
Grateful Dead - Buffalo 5/9/77 - 5LP (Warner)
Gray - Never Gonna Leave New York City - 12” (Anasyrma)
David Gray - Please Forgive Me - 12” pink (IHT Records)
Juliette Greco - Jolie Mome: La muse de Saint Germain des Pres - 2LP (Poppydisc)
Al Green - Green Is Blues - LP, green and blue (Fat Possum)
Tom Grennan - This is the Place - 7” (Insanity)
The Grid - Floatation - 12” clear (Chemical Alley)
The Groundhogs - Split - 2LP red (Fire Records)
Grouplove - Broken Angel (Warner)
Guided By Voices - Hold On Hope - 10” clear (TVT)
Guided By Voices - Vampire on Titus - LP yellow/gold (Scat Records)
Marika Hackman - Any Human Friend - 10” (Virgin EMI)
Terry Hall - Home - 12” (Heavenly Recordings)
Johnny Hallyday - Le Plus Grands Succes - LP five-color vinyl (LMLR)
Halo - Let Me Do It/Life - 12” (Expansion)
Hanterhir - Schizophrenia/Dancing Out in Space - 7” (Easy Action)
Paul Hardcastle - 19: The Mixes (35th Anniversary Edition) - LP (Chrysalis)
Vladimir Harkonnen - Vlad Smash (Power It Up)
Hatchie & The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Sometimes Always - 7” (Heavenly Records)
Hawkwind - At the BBC 1972 (September 28 1972) - 2LP (Rhino)
Hawkwind - Quark, Strangeness & Charm - 2LP clear (Atomhenge)
Kuumba-Toudie Heath - Kwaida - LP (Reel Music)
The Heptones - Back on Top - LP red (Burning Sounds)
The High - Martin Hannett Sessions (Unreleased Martin Hannett Sessions for Somewhere Soon) - LP (Vinyl Revival)
High Frequency - Summertime - 7” (Nia)
Aashid Himons - The Gods and I - 12” (Music for Dream/Fyraften Musik)
Hiss Golden Messenger - Let the Light of the World Open Your Eyes - 7” (Merge)
Loleatta Holloway - Cry To Me - LP (Tidal Waves Music)
Hope In High Water - Bonfire and Pine - LP (Fish Records)
Hugh Hopper - 1984 (red vinyl)(LMLCulture Factory)
Hootie and the Blowfish - Live at Nick's Fat City 1995 2LP (Warner)
The Hotrats - Turn Ons: 10th Anniversary Edition - 10" color vinyl [100 with signed print] (Demon)
Human Race - Human Race/Grey Boy - 7” (Gem Records)
Humble Pie - Official Bootleg Collection, Vol. 2 - 2LP (HNE)
Hunny - Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. - LP blue (Epitaph)
Ike Yard - Night After Night - 12” red (Superior Viaduct)
Implosion - 2020 - 2LP (Trading Places)
Inhaler - It Won’t Always Be Like This/Oklahoma (Late Night Edition) - 7” (Polydor)
Inhaler - We Have To Move On/Ice Cream Sundae - 7” (Polydor)
Inhaler - My Honest Face (45rpm)/There’s No Other Place (33rpm) - 10” (Polydor)
The Inn House Crew - Something Special - LP (Room in the Sky Records)
Ken Ishii ft. Pac-Man - Join the Pac - 7” (iam8bit)
J Hus - Big Conspiracy - 2LP (Black Butter)
Bob James - Once Upon A Time: The Lost 1965 New York Studio Sessions - LP (Resonance Records)
Bert Jansch - Live in Italy - 2LP (Earth Recordings)
Jansen/Barbieri/Karn - Playing in a Room With People - 2LP (Medium Productions)
The Jazz Butcher - Big Planet Scary Planet - LP (Fire Records)
The Jazz Butcher - Condition Blue - LP (Fire Records)
The Jazz Butcher - Cult of th eBasement - LP (Fire Records)
The Jazz Butcher - Fishcoteque - LP (Fire Records)
Jethro Tull - Stormwatch 2 (Warner)
Elton John - Elton John: 50th Anniversary Edition - 2LP purple (UMe/Mercury)
J.J. Johnson and Kai Winding - J&K: Stonebone (UMe)
Linton Swesi Johnson - Bass Culture/LKJ In Dub - 2LP (UMC/Island)
Daniel Johnston - The End is Never Really Over - 2LP (Feraltone) [features Artistic Vice and 1990]
Samantha Jones - A Girl Named Sam - LP (Trading Places)
Wizz Jones - Wizz Jones: Mono and Stereo Mixes - LP (Sunbeam)
Judas Priest - British Steel - 2LP picture disc (CMG/Legacy)
June of 44 - Engine Takes to the Water - LP (Touch & Go)
June of 44 - Tropics and Meridians - LP (Touch & Go)
Jungle Brothers - Because I Got It Like That - 7” (Idlers)
Damien Jurado - Birds Tricked Into the Trees/From Devils To Davis - 7” (Loose)
David Keenan - Alchemy & Prose: Live Recordings - 12” (Rubyworks)
Dermot Kennedy - Without Fear - LP (Island)
Tim Key - Tim Key’s Late Night Poetry Programme - 2LP color vinyl (Demon)
Phoebe Killdeer - Fade Out Lines - LP (Kwaidan)
Killing Joke - Laugh at Your Peril: Live in Berlin - 3LP black and pink (Killing Joke Records)
Killing Joke - Turn to Red - 12” red (Turn to Red Records)
The King James Version - He’s Forever (Amen) - 7” (Soul Kitchen)
The Kinks - The Kink Kronikles - 2LP red vinyl (Warner)
Klaxons - Surfing the Void: 10th Anniversary Edition - 2LP (UMC/Polydor)
Knight Area - D-Day - 2LP black and white (Butler)
Sarathy Korwar - Otherland - 12” transparent green (The Leaf Label)
Kraftwerk - 1 (50th Anniversary Edition) - LP (True Choice Recordings)
Kraftwerk - 2 - LP (True Choice Recordings)
Fela Ransome Kuti and His Highlife Rakers - Fela’s First: The Complete 1959 Melodisc Session - 10” (Cadillac Records)
Wolfgang Lackerschmid and Chet Baker - Ballads for Two - LP (Dot Time Records)
Laneous - Elsewhere/Flawless - 7” (Soul Has No Tempo)
kd lang - Angel with a Lariat - LP red (Warner)
kd lang - Drag - 2LP color vinyl (Warner)
Larkins - Hit and Run - 10” EP (Good Soldier Records)
Jamie Lawson - Last Night Stars - LP (Lookout Mountain)
The Leaf Library - About Minerals - LP (Where Its At is Where You Are)
Jenny Lee - I’m So Tired/Some Things Last a Longtime - 12” (Caroline)
Thomas Leer - Emotional Hardware - CD (Smitten Kitten)
Michel Legrand - Jazz on Film - LP (Moochin’ About)
John Lennon - Instant Karma 2020 Ultimate Remix - 7” (UMe)
Lil' Kim - 9 (Deluxe LP) (Ltd)
Alison Limerick - Where Love Lives/Frankie Knuckles remix - 12” (Arista)
Alfredo Linares y su Sonora - Yo traigo boogaloo - LP (Vampisoul)
The Live Band - A Cance for Hope - 7” (The Sound of Brooklyn)
Local Natives/Overcoats - When Am I Gonna Lose You - 7” (Loma Vista Recordings)
The London Suede - London Suede - LP (Demon)
Loop - Sevens - 3x7” (Reactor)
Loose Joints - Is It All Over My Face: 40th Anniversary Edition - 2x12” (West End)
Los Amigos Invisibles - Arepa 3000 - 2LP (Luaka Bop)
Lothar & The Hand People - Machines: Amherst 1969 - LP + CD (Modern Harmonic)
The Lottery Winners - Love Will Keep Us Together - 7” (Modern Sky)
Love Frame Tragedy - Five Songs to Briefly Fill the Void - 10” EP (Good Soldier Records)
The Lovely Eggs - I Am A ***** - LP picture disc (Egg Records)
Marcy Luarks and Classic Touch - Electric Murder - LP (Kalita Records)
Corb Lund - Cover Your Tracks EP - 12” EP (New West Records)
Kenny Lynch - Half the Day’s Gone and We Haven’t Earned a Penny / Ashley Beedle Remix - 7” (Satril)
Kirsty MacColl - Other People's Hearts: B-Sides 1988-1989 - LP clear (Demon)
Madness - Work, Rest, and Play - 2x7” (Union Square/BMG)
Magic in Threes - Stay in Your Lane - 7” (King Underground)
Magnetic System - Godzilla/Escape - 7” (AMS)
Magnum - Fully Loaded - LP (Phoenix)
Manic Street Preachers - Done & Dusted - 12” (CMG/Legacy)
Mansun - The Dead Flowers Reject - LP (Kscope)
The Mar-Keys - Last Night EP - 10” EP (Vinyl Revival)
Bob Marley - Redemption Song - 12” clear vinyl (UMe)
Nick Mason - See Emily Play/Vegetable Man - 12” (Legacy)
Sammy Massamba - 1990: Beni Soit Ton Nom - LP (SM Productions)
John Massoni & Sonic Boom - The Sundowner Sessions - LP (Space Age Recordings)
Paul McCartney - McCartney: 50th Anniversary Edition - LP (180g, half-speed mastered) (UMe/Capitol)
Tommy McGee - Now That I Have You - 12” (TMG Records)
Declan McKenna - Beautiful Faces/The Key to Life on Earth - 7” (Columbia)
Meat Loaf - Bat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell - 2LP picture disc (UMe/Virgin EMI)
The Meat Puppets - The Meat Puppets - 10” (Megaforce)
Mellow Candle - Swaddling Songs (Universal)
Melt Yourself Down - Born in the ManoIt Is What It Is (IDLES Remix) - 7” (Decca)
Membranes - Kiss Ass Godhead - LP pink (Glass Modern)
Menswear - Nuisance: 25th Anniversary Edition - LP (Demon)
The Menzingers - Chamberlain Waits - LP color vinyl (Red Scare Industries)
Metal Mirror - English Booze/Rock ‘n’ Roll Ain’t Never Gonna Leave You - 7” (On the Dole Records)
The Meteors - Teenage Heart - LP color vinyl (Music On Vinyl)
Metronomy - Metronomy Forever Remixes - 12” (Because Music)
Metronomy & Clara Luciani - La Baie/La Grenade - 7” (Because Music)
Mew - And the Glass Handed Kites: 15th Anniversary Edition - 2LP (Music On Vinyl)
Mickey and The Soul Generation - Iron Leg/Chocolate - 7” (GCP)
Mickey and The Soul Generation - How Good is Good/Get Down Brother - 7” (Mr. G)
Mickey and Them - U.F.O./Hey, Brother Man (GCP)
Midland - Live at the Palomino - LP (Big Machine)
Charles Mingus - Mingus Ah Um Redux - 2LP (Get On Down)
Thelonious Monk - Palais Des Beaux-Arts (Tidal Waves Music)
Moonchild - The Truth/Run Away - 7” red/blue splatter (Tru Thoughts)
Moonspell - Memorial (red vinyl) (Rastilho Records)
Bobby Moore/Sweet Music - (Call Me Your) Anything/I Get Lifted - LP (Soul Brother Records)
Christy Moore - Prosperous - LP (Tara Music)
Kip Moore - Slowheart/Underground - LP + 10” (Snakefarm Records)
Kevin Morby - Oh Mon Dieu:1 Live a Paris - 2LP (Dead Oceans)
Giorgio Moroder ft. Kylie Minogue - Right Here Right Now remixes - 12” grey (Good For You Records)
Morrissey - Honey, You Know Where To Find Me/Fantastic Bird/You Should Have Been Nice to Me - 12" picture disc (BMG)
Chuck Mosley - First Hellos and Last Goodbyes - LP (blocGLOBAL)
Motorhead - Ace of Spades/Dirty Love - 7" shaped picture disc (Warner)
Mott the Hoople - Golden Age of Rock n Roll (blue vinyl) (Madfish)
Bob Mould - Circle Of Friends - 2LP clear vinyl) (Demon)
Mouth Congress - Ahhh The Pollution - 7” (Captured Tracks)
Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Marina P, Dennis Alcapone & Tippa Irie - The Beat Goes SKA! - 7” (Scotch Bonnet Records)
The Murder Capital - Love, Love, Love/On Twisted Ground - 12” (Human Season Records)
Roisin Murphy - Incapable - 12” picture disc (Skint)
Mush - Great Artisanal Formats - 7” (Memphis Industries)
My Chemical Romance - Life on the Murder Scene - 12” (Reprise)
My Life Story - The Rose The Sea - 12” (Exilophone Records)
Nahko and Medicine for the People - Take Your Power Back (Live) - 10” (Side One Dummy Records)
Qasim Naqvi - Beta - LP (Erased Tapes
Nas - God’s Son - 2LP color vinyl (Get On Down)
Milton Nascimento - Ultimo Trem - 2LP red (Far Out Recordings
Nazareth - Love Hurts/This Flight Tonight - 10” (Salvo)
Fred Neil - 38 MacDougal - LP green (Delmore)
The New Clarence Reid - Cadillac Annie/Tired Blood - 7” (Phil-LA of Soul)
New Order - Peel Sessions - 12” (Rhino)
Nihilist - Carnal Leftovers (white vinyl) (Black Lodge)
Nite People - P.M. - LP (Trading Places)
North Sea Radio Orchestra - I A Moon - LP (The Household Mark)
Notorious BIG - It Was All A Dream - 9LP box (Rhino)
Gary Numan with Skaparis Orchestra - When the Sky Came Down Live - 3LP (BMG)
The Obsessed - Incarnate (Ultimate Edition) - LP gatefold or CD (Blues Funeral)
Ocean Colour Scene - One from the Modern - 2LP (UMC/Island)
Oh-Ok - The Complete Reissue - LP (white vinyl) (Hhbtm Records)
OHL - Oktoberrevolution (Power It Up)
Ol’ Dirty Bastard - Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version - 9x7” (Rhino/Elektra)
Operation Ivy - Energy - LP (Epitaph)
OST - A Haunting Strip of Marshland: OST for Ness (Drew Mulholland) (Castles In Space)
OST - Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me - LP (Maverick)
OST - Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery - 2LP (Disney)
OST - Austin Powers In Goldmember - 2LP (Maverick)
OST - Black Mirror: Smithereens (Ryuichi Sakamoto) - LP (Music On Vinyl)
OST - C.H.U.D. II: Bud the C.H.U.D. - LP (Terror Vision)
OST - The Cinematic Orchestra/London Met Orchestra - The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingoes - 2LP pink (Disney)
OST - Henri Crolla & Andre Hodeir - Jazz on Film… - LP (Moochin’ About)
OST- Dennis Hopper’s The Last Movie - LP (Earth Recordings)
OST - Doctor Who - Massacre - 2LP “Parisian Blaze Orange” (Demon)
OST - Dracula/The Curse of Frankenstein (James Bernard) - 2LP
OST - Fistful of Dollars (Ennio Morricone) - 10” (BTF)
OST - For a Few Dollars More (Ennio Morricone) - 10” (AMS)
OST - Francis Lai - Made in France - LP (PlayTime)
OST - Fuktronic (Jimmy Urine and Serj Tankian) - LP (Music On Vinyl)
OST - The Godfather (Nino Rota) - 7” white (Silva Screen)
OST - The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly (Ennio Morricone) - LP (AMS)
OST - Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: The Original (Demon Records UK)
OST - La Planete Sauvage (Alain Goraguer 1973) - LP yellow (Superior Viaduct)
OST - The Last Porno Show - LP (Country Club)
OST - Last Tango in Paris (Gato Barbieri) - LP rose (AMS)
OST - Metroland (Mark Knopfler) - LP (UMC-Mercury)
OST - Monty Python and the Holy Grail - LP picture disc (UMC/Virgin EMI)
OST - The Musical Anthology of His Dark Materials (Lorne Balfe) - 2LP (Silva Screen)
OST - Once Upon a Time in the West (Ennio Morricone) - LP (BTF)
OST - Paw Patrol - 7” EP dog bone white (Enjoy the Ride)
OST - Peur Sur la Ville (Ennio Morricone 1975) - 2LP (WeWantSounds/Modulor)
OST - Phenomenon - 2LP (Warner)
Piero Piccioni, Armando Trovaioli, Carlo Rustichelli, Nino Rota - Jazz On Film… - 2LP (Moochin’ About)
OST - Serpico (Mikis Theodorakis 1973) (WeWantSounds/Modulor)
OST - Shaft in Africa (Johnny Pate) - 2x7” (Dynamite Cuts)
OST - Synecdoche New York (Jon Brion) - LP (Fire Soundtracks)
OST - Terrahawks - LP (Gerry Anderson)
OST - The Truth and the Light: Music from The X Files - 12” glow-in-the-dark green (Warner)
OST - The Turning: Kate’s Diary (Music On Vinyl)
OST - The Virgin Suicides - LP (Rhino/Ryko)
The Pale Fountains - Longshot for Your Love - LP (Marina)
Pale Saints - Mrs. Dolphin - LP (4AD)
Parabellum - Post Mortem Live - 2LP red and black splatter vinyl (LMLR)
Paradise Lost - Live at Rockpalast - 2LP (Music On Vinyl)
Paranoid London - Paranoid London - LP (Paranoid London)
Bobby Parker - Soul of the Blues - LP (Rhythm and Blues)
Robert Parker - I Caught You in a Lie - 7” (Nola)
The Pastels - Advice to the Graduate/Ship to Shore - 7” (Domino)
Pennywise - The Fuse - LP orange and black (Epitaph)
Carl Perkins - Live In Paris - LP blue (LMLR)
Lee Perry and Black Ark Players - Guidance - 12” (VP Records)
Lee “Scratch” Perry and the Upsetters - Super Ape Variant - LP color vinyl (Get On Down)
Lee “Scratch” Perry & Daniel Boyle ft. Max Romeo - Horror Zone - 12” (Upsetter)
Pigbag - Dr. Heckle and Mr. Jive - 2LP (Call of the Void)
The Pineapple Thief - Uncovering the Tracks - LP (Kscope)
Pink Floyd - Arnold Layne (Live at Syd Barrett Tribute, 2007) - 7”/etching (Parlophone/Legacy)
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Iggy Pop and the Stooges - Russian Melodia - 7” (replica of French bootleg) (Revenge Records)
Natalie Prass - Natalie Prass - LP + 7” (Spacebomb)
Predatur - Seen You Here - 7” (On the Dale Records)
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Asha Puthli - Asha Puthli - LP (Mr. Bongo)
Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul - Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul (Mr. Bongo)
Quicksilver Messenger Service - Happy Trails - LP yellow (LMLCulture Factory)
The RAH Band - Producers Choice - 2LP (Atjazz)
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The Replacements - The Complete Incarcerated Live - 3LP (Rhino)
The Residents - Icky Flix - 2LP orange and yellow (New Ralph)
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Minnie Riperton - Les FleuOh By the Way - 7” (Selector Series)
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Tal Ross - Giant Shirley - 2LP (Tidal Waves Music)
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Roxy Music - Roxy Music: Steven Wilson Stereo Mix - 2LP (UMC/Virgin EMI)
Freya Roy - Ahlke - LP (Vinyl Hunter Records)
Gene Russell - New Direction (transparent clear with heavy black swirl vinyl) (with insert) (Real Gone Music)
Sasha - Scene Delete: The Remixes - 2LP (Night Time Stories)
Sea Girls - Call Me Out - 12” (Polydor)
Shakespeares Sister - #3 - 2LP (Do Yourself In)
Shakespeares Sister - You’re History - 12” (London Records)
Anoushka Shankar - Love Letters
Ravi Shankar with George Harrison - Chants of India - 2LP red (BMG)
Sandie Shaw - Reviewing the Situation - 2LP (UMC/Virgin EMI)
Don Shinn - Departures - LP (Sunbeam)
Don Shinn - Temples with Prophets - LP (Sunbeam)
Situation ft. Andre Espeut - Beyond Compare Laroye Remixes - 7” (Situationism)
Edith Sitwell/William Walton - Facade - 10” (Moochin’ About)
Skatt Bros. - Walk the Night - 12” (Spaziale)
Skid Row - Slave to the Grind - 2LP red (Rhino)
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Skyzoo & Pete Rock - Retropolitan Instrumentals - LP orange splatter (Mello Music Group)
Slint - Breadcrumb Trail/Good Morning Captain - 12” (Touch & Go)
Slowdive - Slowdive - 12” (Music On Vinyl)
Sam Smith - I Feel Love - 12” (Capitol)
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Snapped Ankles - 21 Metres to Hebden Bridge - LP (The Leaf Label)
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Soft Cell - Mutant Moments EP - 10” (Big Frock)
SOHN - SOHN Live with the Metropole Orkest - 2LP (4AD)
Soul Asylum - Hurry Up and Wait (exclusive 2LP+7") (Blue Elan)
Spacehog - Resident Alien (2LP) (cream with pink splatter "British passport" vinyl) (Real Gone Music)
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Richard Spaven - Spaven’s 5ive - LP (Jazz Refreshed)
Britney Spears - Oops! I Did It Again Expanded - LP (Legacy/CMG)
The Specials - Dubs - 10” (Two Tone)
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Willie Tee - Teasing You Again/Your Love, My Love Together - 7” (Gatur)
Tegan and Sara - Tonight We’re in the Dark Seeing Colors - LP violet and black splatter (Warner)
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Tennis System - Fear of Knowing - LP (Graveface)
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That Will Be Lunch - Play That Funky Music White Boy
The The - I WANT 2 B U - 7” (Cineola)
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V/A - Jet Star Meets Hospital - LP (Hospital Records)
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V/A - The Ladies if Too a Slow to Disco Vol. 2 - 2LP (How Do You Are?)
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V/A - Late Night Tales - new compilation
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V/A - Sweet Relief: A Benefit for Victoria Williams - LP (Legacy/CMG)
V/A - Troubled Troubadours - LP color vinyl (Iron Mountain Analogue Research)
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Warmduscher - European Cowboy - 12” (The Leaf Label)
Warsaw Pakt - Needle Time - LP + 7” (Munster)
Roger Waters and guests - The Wall: Live in Berlin - 2LP cleat (UMC/Virgin EMI)
Geraint Watkins - Geraint Watkins & The Domniators - 2LP (Jungle)
Ben Watt w/ Robert Wyatt - Summer Into Winter - 12” EP (Cherry Red)
Mike Watt + The Secondmen - In Quintessence/instrumental (Yep Roc Records)
Norman Watt-Roy - Faith & Grace - LP red (Cadiz Music)
We Are Scientists - With Love and Squalor: Live in Woodstock 1969 - LP tri-color (100%)
The Wedding Present - Shaun Keaveny Session - 7” color vinyl (Hatch)
Whiskey Myers - Early Morning Shakes - 2LP (Snakefarm Records)
Whiskey Myers - Firewater - 2LP (Snakefarm Records)
Tony Joe White - The Beginning - LP white (New West Records)
The Who - Odds and Sods: Expanded - 2LP (UMC/Polydor)
The Who - A Quick Live One: Captured Live at the Monterey International Pop Festival - LP red, white, blue striped (The Monterey International Pop Foundation)
Widespread Panic - Sunday Show (Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY 3/24/19) (configuration TBA)
Ginger Wildheart - Excess GASS - LP (Round Records)
Hank Williams and His Drifting Cowboys w/ Miss Audrey - 1951 March of Dimes - LP red (BMG)
Jack Wilson Quartet ft. Roy Ayers - Call Me: Jazz From the Penthouse - 2LP (Century 67)
Steven Wilson - two reissues TBA
Wire - 10:20:00 - LP (Pink Flag)
Wishbone Ash - Live Dates II - LP yellow/clear blue (LMLCulture Factory)
Jah Wobble - A Very British Coup - 12” (Youth Sounds)
The Wolfgang Press - Unremembered, Remembered: Expanded - LP (4AD)
Wonk Unit - Sniffer Time/Bloodlust - 7” purple (PlastereCadiz Music)
Ronnie Wood and Keith Richards - The First Barbarians: Live From Kilburn - 3LP (Wooden Records)
Wu-Tang - An American Saga (Ltd)
Xterminator - Earth Feel It - 7x7” (Xterminator)
Yardbirds - Roger The Engineer: Expanded w/ 1966 recordings - 2LP color vinyl (Demon)
Neil Young - Homegrown - LP (Reprise)
Youth & Nik Turner - Interstellar Energy - LP blue (Youth Sounds/Cadiz Music)
Youth & The Slaves of Venus - Wooden Floor - 7” (Youth Sounds/Cadiz Music)
Frank Zappa - You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore - 2LP (UMe)
Malena Zavala - La yarara - LP (Yucatan)
The Zoo - Presents Chocolate Moose - LP (Reel Music)
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2013.03.03 03:54 LingsLing [HS Honors Biology] Help proof-reading my Bioethics Essay on Bioterrorism

Hey guys! I just needed some assistance with an essay I'm writing for my biology class. Any and all feedback is appreciated, so if any points or material I could use to make my argument stronger, that would be awesome! Thank you! Best regards. P.S. Sorry for the wall of text, google docs appears to be blocked by all my web browsers. P.S.S. I don't mean to offend anyone due to the possibility on disagreeing view points, sorry in advance if this happens, it certainly was not written to offend. The Use of Biological Agents in Bioterrorism ¶The date is September 18th, 2001. The entirety of America’s heart has been cut open and bleeds a deep pain for the unwarranted and gross acts of terrorism showcased at the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and on Flight 93 just a week earlier. It was on this date, that extremely dangerous biological agents were sent through the mail to many major media centers in America (ABC, NBS, NBC, NY Post, and AMI in Florida) as well as to two democratic senators; Tom Dashcle of South Dakota and Patrick Leahy of Vermont. On October 1st, Robert Stephens hobbled into a hospital with an undiagnosed disease, and four days later died of his ailments that caused only vomiting and shortness of breath. Letters reached other media centers and infected other members of the media as well. As the sickness appeared, doctors began to examine the substance found common in all, a brown powdery substance reportedly found in mail. It was clear at this point that America was undergoing a biological attack, through the form of anthrax spores. Later, on October 9th, weeks after the first letters were sent, more letters were sent to high ranking government officials that were the anthrax was much more potent than before. The entire government mail system was shut down. While the letters never reached any of the officials, it affected people that came in contact with, killing multiple people. By the end of the ordeal, 5 people were left dead and 17 infected. While this is not America’s first run in with a biological attack on its soil, it is certainly is one of the most notable. ¶Few things could possibly elicit or administer more fear than being attacked by something unseen or unknown. The Al Qaeda anthrax attacks in 2001 were truly a wake-up call, for not only the United States, but for the world, that bioterrorism is a very real threat. The definition of terrorism by the U.S. Department of Justice is: …the unlawful use of property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives. Terrorist attacks will strike without warning, and the main goals of a terrorist is to inflict mass casualties upon a group of peoples, loss of critical resources, disruption of vital services and economy, and mass panic. ¶Bioterrorism is a specific kind of venue in which materials such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, or toxins are deliberately used to sicken and kill. Bioterrorism has been in warfare for over thousands of years. Early forms involved flinging cows with catapolts into a besieged castle, or arrows fired from a bow that have dipped in toxins. The most common ways of the chemical agents could be spread through food products, being dispersed through our water supplies and air, plastered onto crops and livestock , and even as in the Al Qaeda anthrax attacks in 2001, sent through the mail. With Biological attacks on populations, you wouldn’t know there’s a problem until it’s already too late. Anthrax is an extremely infectious disease, due to a bacterium called Bacillus Anthracis. It can be ingested, cutaneously contracted through a cut in the skin, or inhaled if it was released through the air. Anthrax is so deadly, that if 250lbs of anthrax was released over Washington D.C., it would easily cause more damage than a one megaton hydrogen bomb. The loss of life would be so incredible, the impact on the nation’s economy would be over half a trillion dollars. No such early biochemical early detection technology exists yet, but the government is putting in an annual 6.9 billion dollar to help develop such software. If an agent was to be deployed, any attempt of treatment would produce only a small success rate. The National Institute for Allergy and Infectious disease, scientists tested the limits to see how far they could mutate the Avian H5N1 virus, and the results they found were startling. The director of the institute was horrified with what they had done with the disease, mutating it to the point where it could be transferable between human to human. A report done by the CDC claimed that if the disease was ever to escape the institute, the possibility of the virus wiping out the entire continent of North America was extremely plausible. Small pox is an extremely infectious disease and is often associated with a high mortality rate as well due to there being no effective treatment to combat the disease. Most people do not receive their small pox shot until they turn 30, so the mortality rate for people under 30 would be through the roof, as there is little vaccine available as well. ¶The claim that bioterrorism is a huge through, however, is very largely disputed. William R. Clark, the chair of emeritus of immunology at the University of California, says that the threat is vastly overhyped. In a book written by William Clark, Bracing for Armegeddon, he states that the chances of a “bioterror” weapon falling into the hands of a terrorist group, no matter how well suited or financed, is slim to nothing. Thirty years ago, the United States military joined the Biological Weapons Convention, an act banning the use of biological weapons, as they are far too undependable, very difficult to use, and much too difficult to make. If most governments couldn’t construct these weapons themselves with billions of dollars at their disposal, what could a mass of poor farmers put together to construct a bio agent that has a chance to strike down their enemies? Even if terrorists were able to acquire biological weapons from a country, only 13 countries in the world have them in existence. Of those 13, nine are hostile, of those nine, seven of them have been steadily be declining in their biological warfare and agent research. The scenario of terrorists acquiring such weapons is unrealistic, therefore making the level of the threat debatable. ¶The threat of bioterrorism is a very real one, that fact has proven itself throughout history. It is something that needs to be looked after and monitored over the course of time. While unlikely, such a threat cannot simply be ignored, because if a biological attack of a weaponized virus of bacteria was to be released, the effects would be absolutely catastrophic. Early detection and prevention technology is vital to the response of an attack, because if an area was contaminated, not much could be done to fight the super virus present. This is a threat that cannot be ignored Thanks again!
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Listen to the Knights of North Castle VBS 2020 music montage in preparation for your summer in Kid's Ministry. For more information and resources on Knights ... Since 1956, Automatic Lawn Sprinkler Corp. has installed custom designed automatic lawn sprinkler systems for residences, large estates, commercial projects,... Venture into a frozen land in search of the King's Mighty Armor! Shop and explore at Finishing the top of my shipping container castle tower, spring 2017. Demonstrating steel and masonry work. Using a Petibone crane, and boom lift. Yes there ... The North Castle gates will soon be opened! For now, check out this video from our pal Sparky! Calling all Knights! The North Castle gates will soon be opened! For now, check out this video from ... Venture into a frozen land in search of the King's Mighty Armor! Shop and explore at Celebration of America's Bicentennial in North Castle, NY 1976 - Duration: 24:13. North Castle Historical Society 1,584 views. 24:13. Sheriffs: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) ... Venture into a frozen land in search of the King's Mighty Armor! Shop and explore at HERE'S WHAT YOU SHOULD DO IN HAWAII!! Subscribe -- HEY EVERYBODY!! As you know my family went to Hawaii!! I wanted to tell you about my... Parents and kids, Here it is...our 2020 VBS adventure! Knights of North Castle will take us on a journey through THE ARMOR OF GOD and why it's important to w...