On Andy Roddick dating

Andy Roddick has had an encounter with Paris Hilton (2006).. About. Andy Roddick is a 38 year old American Tennis Player. Born Andrew Stephen Roddick on 30th August, 1982 in Omaha, Nebraska, he is famous for Tennis player with 149 mph serve. Andy and Brooklyn began dating in the year 2007 and announced their engagement from Roddick’s website in 2008 and got married on 17 th April 2009. Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker In the year 2011, Andy and Brooklyn featured in the Adam Sandler movie, “Just Go with it.” Brooklyn Decker admits she was “naive” to marry tennis ace Andy Roddick at just 22. The model and mom of two tells Dannijo founder Danielle Snyder on her podcast of their 2009 nuptials: “I ... In an interview to Tennis Channel the model and actress Brooklyn Decker revealed how she met the 2003 US Open champion Andy Roddick. They got married in 2009 and they are now parents of a son ... Andy Roddick (2005 – 2006) Sharapova and Roddick (extreme right) Maria Sharapova and Andy Roddick ‘s rumored relationship was the buzz of the town when the pair were frequently seen together during the 2006 US Open. Andy Roddick’s Girlfriend. Andy Roddick is single. He is not dating anyone currently. Andy had at least 7 relationship in the past. Andy Roddick has not been previously engaged. He had a highly publicized relationship with singer/actress Mandy Moore from 2003 to 2004. He married model Brooklyn Decker in April 2009. They welcomed a son, Hank ... Andy Roddick revealed the secret ingredient to maintaining the romance in his relationship with wife Brooklyn Decker as the pair care for two children. Celebrities Dating Athletes Read article Andy Roddick Personal Life and Marriage . Roddick first spotted his soulmate while watching a show on CNN. The famous American actress Brooklyn Decker was illustrated on CNN/Sports website She Says Z. Roddick and Decker began dating in 2007. Through his website, Roddick announced their engagement in 2008. Brooklyn Decker boyfriends: Brooklyn Decker was previously married to Andy Roddick (2009). She had at least 1 relationship previously. Brooklyn Decker has not been previously engaged. We are currently in process of looking up information on the previous dates and hookups. Online rumors of Brooklyn Deckers’s dating past may vary. Andy Roddick: Wife, Dating, Family & Friends. Andy Roddick got married to American model and actress Brooklyn Decker in Austin, Texas. The couple started dated in 2007 when Andy first saw Decker on the CNN’s Sports Illustrated website called She Says Z Says.

Series on what you 'can' do for your problems : #1. Gym and Diet (Basic muscle, posture etc.)

2020.08.25 09:00 justice4ssr Series on what you 'can' do for your problems : #1. Gym and Diet (Basic muscle, posture etc.)

This is the simplest piece of advice for all brown guys out there.
Excuses: Usually the excuses related to fixing these are: I'm Indian so my diet doesn't have enough protein/I'm skinny because of my genes boohoo.
Okay desi guys. Let's sort this out, you might get slow progress but let me tell you something. Regarding gym and diet, it isn't a one day thing. Do this for atleast 3 months to notice a TINY change, but it works like any other skill. The body doesn't change linearly but after a while you'll notice the fruits of the hard work. The important thing is to keep at it.
The biggest example in brown guys I like to give is Ramit Sethi. I have no idea why people here don't talk about him. A NYC bestseller who's made it big, even married to a white woman and is absolutely killing it in life. I have no idea how he isn't an idol for brown dudes in the US, coming to the important stuff he talks about a limiting belief he had about being a scrawny Indian guy and not being able to do push ups. He believed in all his heart he cannot grow bigger. One day he just came up to the trainer and asked how he could do more push ups? The trainer said 'by doing more push ups!' which opened his eyes. In a few months he went from 3 to 5 to 15 pushups and the rest is history. Look at the guy's body now.
So desi guys, no excuses for the genes. The popular type isn't the bulky big dude but the lean athletic dude. You can achieve that in 4 months with discipline, and year or two with slow and steady growth.
Regarding the other excuse for diet, you guys need to realise that even vegans can maintain a good bod. It's about choosing fibrous food and cut down carbs. So cut down on all those burgers and junk food. It's basic stuff yet NO ONE does it. Also you'd be surprised how much it changes your looks when you're getting the right nutrients. The skin gets better, the face looks lively even for dark guys and you just feel so good. Another diet hack for you guys is smoothies where you mix up all the good veggies and fruits, and drink it. My personal fav has been spinach/brocolli/pineapple. It's extremely cheap to make at home with a mixer and ingredients and one a day is a good target (different one each day).
So in the theory section I'll just let you know how you can realistically switch to a better diet if you've been addicted to cheetos and lays all this while. Again, coming back to the thing NO EXCUSES for you if you think the diet is an issue. Now let's go to why other races are ahead and why we got left behind in this and how can you catch up.
Why as brown people we lack in this phase: I went to Russia once and there Gym was a legit class in school and college where basic fitness is a legit test. There are legit exams where you need to do a certain number of minimum pushups (different for girls and guys) if you were to pass. Yes, that's how seriously the international folks take fitness. No wonder Russian women are the best.
In Indian schools and universities (and even in families) fitness isn't considered a priority. If you were to tell your parents you're starting working out they'll tell you to make your career your priority and not do these 'bad habits'. Yes it's an internalized hatred of the gym culture that's pushed. Ask any Indian dads and they will always prioritise careetasty Indian food over gym any day. It's you who needs to make it a priority. If you think it's bad for Indian dudes in this realm, change it for them. I read it in the sub 'ladyboners' where a certain picture of Siddharth Malhotra (Bollywood actomodel) was upvoted to the top and some Indian girl said 'I wish more Indian men looked like this'. Yes even our women are rooting for us guys! No. Excuses. Now that you know what holds us back, you can overcome it by taking action.
Theory Simple. Carbs in carbs out is the diet theory. People usually look at me weird when this is the fitness advice they get but yes this is it. Count your macros, the protein you're taking and the food you're consuming. Don't eat just anything from now on, track your diet. Then start the habit of eating the good stuff day by day. Realistically you can't go cold turkey from day 1 but take it slow and easy at whatever speed you want. Eat 3 apples instead of a pack of cheetos one day and consider it a win. Slowly fix it and voila! The bad stuff is gone. Try smoothies, intermittent fasting etc. All that knowledge I'm not going to repeat. You got the internet, it's full of it.
Some more motivation for you guys: Gym is a great venue to meet fit and attractive women. Why do you think brown guys can't date good looking women? They don't go to the gym bois! That's where the attractive ladies be at! Go to the gym, join a tennis club/salsa club, join a yoga class (Better yet teach it. It's the latest brown guy strategy to become a yoga teacher internationally and boy the quality of women you'll get will be mind blowing). Don't join these fitness venues to gain access to women, but know that it's a beautiful side effect. I've heard story of Indian guys getting laid with absolute bombshells in Salsa classes (where the gender ratio is also in your favour). Any fitness venue will work. Even regarding gym (where usually it's said not to approach, so I'd say please don't unless you're getting good signs). Don't be creepy while talking to girls there, just be natural. I'd say a good strategy will be to make good friends with girls in the gym, they'll get you to parties you'd die to be at.
The mere fact that brown girls are ahead these days is just because they took fitness seriously. I'll repeat it again, they're ahead of their male counterparts because they took fitness seriously. I see brown girls and they look like models these days. They all hit the gym, what's stopping you? They're even rooting for you if you let them.
Also one more thing I've seen Indian guys not focus on often: SPORTS. SPORTS, yes. MMA, tennis, etc. Look at the tennis stars of our generation, they're absolutely slaying it. Leandar Paes was a player at his time, and dude looks fantastic too. I think instead of focusing on mainstream persona if Indian guys focused more on making it in sports it would be great for us. Most sports are good if you started in your younger ages but you can still do kickboxing/MMA/Wrestling and slay it even now. Jinder Mahal is one example of an Indian who made it big. Also let me in you on a secret: Athletic guys into sports get laid WAY more than even popular actors. Michael Phelps during his school slept with all but 3 ladies from his batch at school. Compare it with the theater guys. You get what I'm saying. Look at the NBA/football guys. I have no clue why aren't we learning from them. Kobe Bryant SLAYED, Tom Brady dates supermodels. Andy Roddick the tennis legend is married to a bombshell supermodel. And guess what: Andy has a shit bod. His posture sucks. he's just competitive as fuck.
Some more motivational stories: I live in Delhi and I used to regularly attend salsa classes. One fine day there were a couple British women who attended a trial session and my teacher is an amazing salsa dancer (proper desi). Dude the post session flirt I witnessed was hilarious! Dude was married but blushing at the advances, both the women came so close and were just so impressed by how well he danced and carried them along.
Another motivation: A friend of mine living near Lodhi Gardens met this expat lady in the gym (she's from France and half of you'd give your pinky finger away to sleep with her, that's how beautiful she is) and they hooked up almost daily. They're f%#k buddies now. No. Excuses. IF he can do it why can't you?
Some more theory before I leave: I think the problem with most brown guys is their posture. Just look at yourself in the mirror and see where you lack. I'm pretty sure since many of us work in IT there are neck tightness problems where your head leans forward.
Solution? Do stretching work. Here's where yoga classes really shine out.
Always remember that a guy with good posture is the MOST attractive. I've seen women flaunt over guys' shoulder lines alone. That's how powerful it is. Regarding where to find exercises, they're a YouTube search away. I'm just telling you the things you lack.
Action Plan: Here comes the toughest part. Actually taking action now that you know this information. I'd say since it's corona times finding a gym is hard but just start anything at home. Yoga classes online will be a great idea (Just notice how it's mostly white women who are giving yoga lessons online and be happy at the fact). Yoga is SUCH an amazing thing for us brown guys it isn't even funny. My good college friend got a hot German gf just because of it. Do it for 4-5 months and see a difference. Follow a good diet/exercise plan and make it a habit. Initially even 10 minutes is a win guys.
Dance/Sports classes are great too. MMA or Salsa are the best in this regards.
So I've given you enough information and motivation for now.
I don't want any sort of whining in the chat. You MUST type in the plan you have for the coming months to sort this thing out. Let's be good role models for the coming generation and not sore losers who cry on internet forums about how our wimin dun like us. Capisce?
Next week, let's talk about grooming.
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2020.04.26 17:39 displacedindavis Every current one-hit wonder of the Open Era: men and women (1980-present)

EDIT: sorry, the title is a bit misleading. I was initially going to do 1980-present but decided to include the entire Open era. But I forgot to remove that from the title haha.
I'm a huge fan of one-hit wonders. True, they tend to come and go. But they're always pretty cool to look back upon and be like: "hey, remember when so-and-so actually won a major"? Some had the talent to win more but couldn't. Others just got hot during one tournament. Whatever the case, you can't take away from the fact that these players have a Grand Slam major trophy in their cabinet.
Note that this list may be subject to change as the years go on. Note the title is "current one-hit wonder". Without further ado, here we go:
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2019.08.30 02:44 Pickup_your_nuts Today in History 30/08

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2019.01.11 19:28 bekkahthecactus18 10 Years of the Australian Open: 2009-2013

On the eve of the 107th Edition of the Australian Open, I wanted to take some time to go down memory lane. So here we go, Part 1 and 2009-2013.
2009: Rafa’s Hardcourt Dreams Realised: Was it was the epic, high-level 5 hour, 14 minute semi-final between eventual Champion Rafael Nadal and Fernando Verdasco, or the tears of Roger Federer during the trophy ceremony that provided the most poignant moment of the championships? Despite these notable moments occurring in the final few days of the tournament, the journey to this point cannot be forgotten. After his heroics of the previous year, 3rd seed Novak Djokovic returned to Melbourne Park as defending champion, but it wasn’t to be his year, retiring in the quarter-final against Andy Roddick, down 2 sets to 1, due to heat exhaustion. Roddick would then have his hopes ended (as usual, sadly for him), by Roger Federer in the next round. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, who had lost the final in the previous year, made a valiant attempt to repeat his success, but was halted by Verdasco in 4 sets, again in the quarterfinal. Bernard Tomic, the defending boy’s champion, won in his main-draw debut, before falling in the 2nd round to Gilles Muller. Juan Martin Del Potro, who would of course have major success later that year, was totally dismantled by Federer in the quarterfinal- but no worry for him, he would eventually get his revenge in the biggest match of his career. Tomas Berdych defeated Stanislas Wawrinka(as he was then known) in the 3rd round- but Stan would exact his revenge years later. This tournament was the first time that Rafael Nadal had finally reached a Major final on hardcourt- and after his epic semi-final match, many believed Federer to be the favourite. 5 hours on court 2 days before a major final- surely, it couldn’t be anything but detrimental? But when you’re 22 with a heart of a lion, you can defy logic. You can go for another 4 hours and 23 minutes, 5 more sets, and hand the then 3-time champion his third devastating Slam final loss in 8 months, who was on the hunt for a record-equalling 14th Grand Slam Title. His first and only Australian Open title to date, Rafael Nadal showed the world that he wasn’t just a natural surfaces specialist- he could win majors on all 3 surfaces. On the women’s side, defending champion Maria Sharapova failed to defend her title- withdrawing before the first ball was struck with a shoulder injury. However, her compatriots ensured that Russia would be a prominent force in the tournament- and with 3 Russians in the final 4 for the first time, Russian tennis was guaranteed a finalist for the third year running. It could have been a Russian clean sweep in the semi-finals, had Svetlana Kuznetsova capitalised on a set and 5-3 lead against Serena Williams, but it wasn’t to be. No worries for her though, she would taste Grand Slam success for a second time just a few months later. Elena Dementieva was no match for Serena in the semi-finals, and neither was Dinara Safina in the final, who had battled past Vera Zvonareva in her semi-final. The final didn’t even last an hour- Serena had won her 10th Slam singles title, her 4th in Melbourne, and returned to world no.1 a few days later. Her sister, Venus Williams beat future champion Angelique Kerber in the first round, before having a surprise loss to eventual quarterfinalist, the unseeded Carla Suarez Navarro. Another future champion, Victoria Azarenka, fell to Serena in the 4th round, but not before defeating future Wimbledon Champion Petra Kvitova and former champion Amelie Mauresmo on the way. Serena and Venus took the women’s doubles title against Daniela Hantuchova and Ai Sugiyama, and the Bryan Twins took home the men’s doubles title.
2010: Roger Makes it 4: The men’s tournament didn’t even make it 2 days without a major surprise upset. French Open finalist Robin Soderling lost in the first round against Marcel Granollers, despite having a 2 sets to 0 advantage. Former quarterfinalist James Blake unknowingly competed in his final Australian Open, losing to the newest member of the slam-winning club, Juan Martin Del Potro. His efforts ended with a 10-8 loss in the final set. DelPo would lose to an future finalist and fellow US Open Champion, Marin Cilic in 5 close sets in the 4th round. Cilic’s path to the SF included future champion Stanislas Wawrinka in the 3rd round, wildcard Bernard Tomic in 5 sets, and the “Magician” Fabrice Santoro, in the first round, who played his final slam match. He squeaked past Andy Roddick in the QF, having to weather the Roddick storm, who had battled back from 2 sets to 0 down. He won the first set against perpetual finalist Andy Murray, who himself had an impressive run, including a win by retirement over defending champion Rafael Nadal, who’s knees had forced him to call it quits. Murray also recorded wins over future marathon men, qualifier Kevin Anderson in the first round, and 33rd seed John Isner in the 4th round. The other semi-final was contested between Roger Federer and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. The former had a rocky start to the championships, losing the first set in the first round to Igor Andreev but recovered to win in 4. He also beat home favourite Lleyton Hewitt in the 4th round, and had to battle past Nikolay Davydenko in the QF. Tsonga, however, didn’t have the easiest time, requiring 9-7 in the final set to defeat Nicolas Almagro in the 4th round, despite being 2 sets to 0 up, but he exacted sweet revenge on the man who had crushed his dreams in the 2008 final, 3rd seed Novak Djokovic, winning in 5 sets to set up a SF meeting with Federer. He wasn’t to reach another slam final, however, and fell in straight sets to the 15 time slam champion. (It appears that in the 3rd Round, Novak Djokovic took his anti-Istomins and crushed the Uzbek in straight sets. Denis Istomin would one day exact his revenge…). For Andy Murray, the final was a sign of things to come. Defeat in straight sets meant that Federer took his 16th Slam title and 4th in Australia. In the ladies’ tournament, Serena Williams defended her title, beating the unranked Justine Henin in the final in 3 sets. China saw 2 women in the semi-finals, future champion Li Na, who was edged out in 2 tiebreak sets by Serena (probably exacting revenge on Venus Williams’ behalf, who had lost to Li Na just the match before), and Zheng Jie, who… didn’t get so close, losing 0 and 1 to Henin. Interestingly enough, Serena’s path to the title included 5 women who were either past or future slam champions. Petra Kvitova in the 2nd round, Samantha Stosur in the 4th round, Victoria Azarenka in the QF, and of course, Li Na and Henin in the SF and F respectively. It was also the first time since 2003 that Maria Sharapova failed to win her opening match at a slam, falling to compatriot Maria Kirilenko in a match that lasted over 3 hours. The Williams Sisters also defended their doubles title, defeating Cara Black/Liezel Huber in the final, and the Bryan Twins also defended.
2011: The Start of Novak’s Dominance: Rafael Nadal was aiming to become the first man since Rod Laver to hold all 4 slam titles at once, but it wasn’t to be, after suffering a straight-sets loss to David Ferrer in the QF. Alexandr Dolgopolov was a surprise QFist, after taking out Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Robin Soderling in the 3rd and 4th rounds respectively, and both in 5 sets, but he lost to defending finalist Andy Murray in 4 sets. Stanislas Wawrinka also made the QF for the second slam in a row, but fell to compatriot Roger Federer in straight sets. Gilles Simon gave Federer much trouble in the 2nd round, forcing a 5th set after being 2 sets to 0 down, but couldn’t complete the upset (Federer let off the hook that time. Wimbledon and US Open wouldn’t be so much fun). Tomas Berdych lost to Novak Djokovic in the QF (revenge for Wimbledon 2010). Djokovic swept aside the defending champion in the SF, and set up a meeting in the final with Murray, who had come back from a set down against Ferrer. Once again, Murray lost in straight sets in the championship match, this time to Novak Djokovic. He would still have belief that he would raise the Norman Brookes Challenge Cup aloft one day- and so did we. In the Ladies’ tournament, defending Champion Serena Williams couldn’t defend either of her 2 titles, withdrawing due to a foot injury. Two women who love a long, complicated match competed in the longest ever women’s slam match in the 4th round, which lasted 4 hours and 44 minutes, ending 16-14 in the 3rd set. Francesca Schiavone got the better of Svetlana Kuznetsova that time, and anyone else would have been utterly spent, but not Schiavone. She proceeded to take a set off the top seed and future champion Caroline Wozniacki in the QF, but fell in 3 sets. Wozniacki lost in the next round to Li Na, who reached the final for the first time- making her the first Asian player to reach a singles slam final. Asia would have to wait only a few more months for a single slam champion, as it was ”Aussie” Kim Clijsters who came back from a set down in the final to win her 4th and Final slam title. The tennis world unknowingly said goodbye to 2 former no.1s: 2004 AO Champion Justine Henin lost to Svetlana Kuznetsova in the 3rd round. She would later announce her second and final retirement later that year due to an elbow injury. 2009 finalist Dinara Safina lost her final slam match to the eventual champion- and didn’t win a single game. A back injury forced her into retirement, with the unfortunate note of being a slamless former world No.1. Vera Zvonareva found herself in the SF once again, but couldn’t take a set off of Clijsters. As the Williams sisters couldn’t defend their doubles title, it was Gisela Dulko/Flavia Pennetta who won the title, defeating Victoria Azarenka/Maria Kirilenko in the final. In the Men’s doubles, it was the Bryan Twins who made it 3 in a row- the all Indian pairing of Mahesh Bhupathi/Leander Paes were their final victims there.
2012: The Never-Ending Final: Before we get to that final… Kei Nishikori made it to the QF of a major for the first time, before losing to Andy Murray in straight sets. David Ferrer also made another QF, but couldn’t handle the defending Champion, Novak Djokovic, and suffered the same fate. Juan Martin Del Potro enjoyed success to make it to the QF for the first time since 2009, having battled a wrist injury and struggled on his return back to the tour in 2011. Roger Federer sent the gentle giant packing, and advanced to the SF to face his rival, Rafael Nadal, who had in turn battled from a set down against Tomas Berdych. Both semi-finals were greatly anticipated from the time the draw was made, and didn’t disappoint. In the first semi-final, Federer was attempting to defeat Nadal at a major for the first time since the 2007 Wimbledon Final, but it turned out that the first set tiebreak would be all he would win. Nadal advanced to the final in 4 sets, his eye on a second Australian Open title. The second semi-final, a rematch of final from 2011, yielded the same result: Djokovic def. Murray. This time, it went to 5 sets, and Andy was as close as he’d ever been against Djokovic at Melbourne Park. Up 2 sets to 1, recovered from 2-5 down in the final set to have 3 break points at 5-5 to serve for a place in the final, but alas- Djokovic proved too defiant, and broke in the final game to win 7-5 in the 5th. It was becoming clear that only a superhuman effort could dethrone the Serb in Melbourne. Nadal had an extra day’s rest for the final, and with Djokovic's 4 hour 50 minute semi-final just 2 days prior, he appeared to have a good chance at removing some of the scar tissue from the previous 2 slam finals that he’d appeared in- both which were a loss to Djokovic. What followed on that Sunday evening in Melbourne turned into a war of attrition. Neither men could stand during the trophy ceremony, and after 5 hours and 53 minutes of gruelling and grinding tennis, who could blame them? It was Novak Djokovic, recovering from a break down at 4-2 in the final set to win 7-5, a forehand winner sealing the deal. He collapsed onto the ground, roaring at the camera, hugged Nadal, and then ripped off his shirt, slapping his bare chest. The body that had failed him so many times in the past had carried him to a famous, epic victory. While the Women’s final wasn’t so epic- in fact, it was the polar opposite, with Victoria Azarenka crushing Maria Sharapova, 6-3, 6-0 to win her first Grand Slam title, and reach world no.1 for the first time. The Belorussian defeated the defending Champion, Kim Clijsters, in her final Australian Open, whilst Sharapova had defeated then-Wimbledon Champion Petra Kvitova to reach the final. Serena Williams, back in Australia, lost to Ekaterina Makarova in the 4th round. Sloane Stephens also made her Australian Open Main-draw Debut, and would go on to do incredible things the following year. The All-Russian pairing of Svetlana Kuznetsova/Vera Zvonareva beat the defending champions Gisela Dulko/Flavia Pennetta in the 3rd round of the womens doubles, and went on to take the title, beating Sara Errani/Roberta Vinci in the final. The Bryan Twins failed to make it 4 in a row in the Men’s Doubles, with Leander Paes teaming up with Radek Stepanek to get his revenge on the Americans in the final.
2013: Andy falls short again: First things first, yes. Novak Djokovic won again, but he didn’t have it easy. 15th seed Stanislas Wawrinka pushed the Serb to the brink in the 4th round- but came up short, 12-10 in the 5th set. Tomas Berdych also took a set from the 2-time defending champion in the QF, but he couldn’t hold on. David Ferrer didn’t stand a chance in the SF, meaning that Novak Djokovic was back in the final for the 3rd year running- a chance to become the first man in the open era to win the AO 3 times in a row. On the other side of the draw, 2nd seeded Roger Federer had a pretty simple first week, as he usually has- expending as little energy as necessary. However, in the QF, that came to an abrupt end as he battled with Jo-Wilfried Tsonga for 5 sets, before prevailing. Andy Murray had taken a leaf out of Federer’s book and enjoyed a pretty straightforward run to the SF, including a straight-sets win over Jeremy Chardy in the QF, who had reached that stage of a major for the first time- but Federer and the Brit would go the distance- 4 hours was needed for Murray to reach his 3rd consecutive slam final, defeating Federer for the first and only time at a Slam. The Final began with Djokovic and Murray splitting tie-break sets, but it became clear that Djokovic wasn’t going to let Norman go. An all-too familiar sight was plastered on the back page of British newspapers on Monday morning- Murray with the runner-up plate; Djokovic with the AO trophy. His heroics both at the Olympics the year before and at Flushing Meadows weeks after, however, could never be forgotten. Victoria Azarenka was the defending champion on the women’s side, and successfully defended her title, breaking Chinese hearts in the final, defeating Li Na from a set down. This tournament was also notable for the breakthrough of future slam champion Sloane Stephens, who made an unprecedented run to the semi-finals, including a 6-1, 6-1 victory over unseeded Simona Halep in the First Round, Laura Robson in the 3rd round, and most notably, coming back from a set down against Serena Williams in the QF to set up a clash with Azarenka. Of course, it wasn’t her time just yet, but she proved to the tennis world that she was one to keep an eye on. Though she lost in the final, Li Na took out names such as Agnieszka Radwanska and Maria Sharapova in straight sets. It would only be a year before the Grand Slam of Asia-Pacific would have a singles champion from Asia. The ladies’ doubles was won by the all-Italian pairing of Roberta Vinci//Sara Errani, breaking Aussie hearts and defeating Casey Dellacqua/Ashleigh Barty in the final, whilst the Bryan Twins claimed the men’s doubles title for a 6th time.
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2018.09.11 07:11 kittehgoesmeow What A Day: Tweet the Press by Priyanka Aribindi, Brian Beutler & Crooked Media (9/10/18)

"You've got to deny, deny, deny and push back on these women. If you admit to anything and any culpability, then you're dead."—Donald Trump shares his advice for handling a #MeToo allegation. He would know.

Lying About Your Stock Size

Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is under scrutiny again after misleading senators during his confirmation hearings, and a huge hurricane is bearing down on the east coast, so naturally the president kicked off the week by publicly nursing a variety of personal grudges.
Trump is primarily consumed with President Obama’s return to the political spotlight and his success reminding the public that Trump’s main accomplishment as president has been to rebrand the economic recovery Obama oversaw. (It’s an easy message to sell: The economic growth Trump has presided over is more or less the same across all measures as the economic growth Obama handed off to him, but with healthy dash of increased income inequality.)
To ease this psychic wound, Trump has tweeted out lies about the economy he inherited, lies about the economy as it is today, and dispatched Kevin Hassett, the chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, to give reporters a dishonest briefing about the differences between the two presidents’ records (though even Hassett couldn’t defend all the lies).
Trump also remains triggered by the journalist Bob Woodward, whose new book, Fear, depicts Trump as a racist and ignorant blowhard, temperamentally and intellectually unfit for office, who places the country in grave danger simply by being president. He has called Woodward (who almost surely has recordings and notes to back up all of his reporting) a “joke” and a “liar” and sent White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to the briefing room for the first time in three weeks to attack him.
Sanders also renewed Trump’s demand that the Justice Department investigate the anonymous Trump official who wrote last week’s New York Times op-ed portraying Trump, similarly, as an amoral liar surrounded by disloyal aides who don’t think twice about ignoring his reckless orders. (The op-ed is constitutionally protected speech, and neither its author nor the Times committed a crime by publishing it.)
From Brian: The media’s continuing obsession with Trump’s base masks how badly Trump’s lack of character and awful temperament have damaged him. The fact that he hasn’t squandered the economy he inherited would be all he needed to coast through a successful first term if he weren’t a fundamentally bad person. Instead, he limps along with sub-40 percent approval ratings, and extraordinarily high unfavorables, with the vast majority of the public under the correct impression that he’s a liar. It all matters.

What Else

President Trump will reportedly declassify sensitive Justice Department documents regarding government surveillance of his former campaign aide/Russian intelligence asset Carter Page to sow more confusion among his supporters about the legitimacy of the Russia investigation. We have lost count of the number of times Trump has manipulated intelligence for political purposes, but don’t worry—so have Republicans in Congress who pretend not to notice. Ooh! Ooh! Declassify all the alien stuff next!
CBS chief executive Les Moonves stepped down from his position at the network three hours after the publication of a second New Yorker investigation, which found six more women accusing him of sexual harassment and assault. CBS had opened an investigation into Moonves, but the company’s board allowed him to keep his job pending a negotiated exit.
Tennis greats Billie Jean King, James Blake, Victoria Azarenka, and Andy Roddick rallied to Serena Williams’ defense after the umpire in the U.S. Open finals accused her of receiving coaching on the court, then penalized her for smashing her racquet and calling him a “thief” for taking a point from her. Williams and her supporters contend that male players aren’t held to the same disciplinary standard. The U.S. Open organization disagrees, and fined her $17,000. From Pod Save the People co-host Brittany Packnett: “The world just got a full taste of black womanhood. Can’t win squarely. Can’t lose squarely. Can’t be on top at the same time. Can’t be emotional in public… You’ve also witnessed what happens when black women-yes, BLACK-women dare stand up for themselves.”
On Sunday John Legend hit the EGOT by winning an Emmy for Outstanding Variety Special in his role as a producer on Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert. At 39, Legend is the youngest person ever to win an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, AND Tony award, and is the first black man to do so. But he’s still got a long way to go before he wins a coveted Webby award.
The Trump administration is closing the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s office in Washington, DC, announcing the decision on Rosh Hashanah—the Jewish New Year—which proves that Jared Kushner is every bit the dealmaker his father-in-law is.
Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has resigned from Congress to focus on his gubernatorial campaign, because helping Trump cover up crimes is not a great play for statewide election in Florida. Now he finally has more time to spend with the child he’s raising to be racist.
Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) says he thinks about leaving the Republican party “every morning,” but then apparently he decides that racism and lying is fine by him. And he thinks this is a good look?
Category four hurricane Florence is on track to strike the East Coast. So far, the governors of Virginia and North and South Carolina have issued mandatory evacuation orders for hundreds of thousands of those living on or near the coast.
Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. If you are having suicidal thoughts, tell people you trust in your life that you’re hurting or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 (TALK). You can find a list of additional resources here. To give, visit the American Society for Suicide Prevention.
Ben Folds wrote a song about Rod Rosenstein for the Washington Post entitled “Mister Peepers.” It’s not bad.

Look No Further than the Crooked Media

On The Wilderness: In Chapter 13, Jon Favreau asks how Democrats can recruit a new generation of winning candidates and talks to three young, recently-elected Democrats about what it’s like to run for office.
On Crooked.com: Brian writes about the underlying character flaw that makes Brett Kavanaugh unfit for the Supreme Court. “Judicial nominees famously conceal their views about legal controversies and precedent when they testify before the Senate, but what Kavanaugh has done all along is try to conceal what kind of person he is.”


A new Quinnipiac poll finds Donald Trump’s approval rating at 38 percent—its lowest level to date—while 54 percent of Americans disapprove of the job he’s doing. The poll also finds that large majorities of people say he:

You've Gotta Be Fucking Kidding Me

New York Democrats were caught distributing mailers accusing Governor Andrew Cuomo’s primary challenger Cynthia Nixon of not “stand[ing] strong for our Jewish communities” because she pointed out that Cuomo hasn’t visited a mosque once during his eight years in office. Nixon is raising her children Jewish. Polling currently favors Cuomo ahead of Thursday’s New York gubernatorial primary.
Sidenote: Cynthia Nixon is getting shit for ordering lox with capers on a cinnamon raisin bagel, which honestly doesn’t sound that bad?

What In The World?

The U.S. may impose additional sanctions on Chinese officials for detaining and interning hundreds of thousands of ethnic Uighur Muslims and other Muslim minority groups, in an effort to force them to renounce Islam.
Meanwhile, police in Russia have detained more than 1,000 people following nationwide protests that began in response to a proposed government overhaul of pensions that would raise the retirement age across the country.

What A Sponsor!

Want to know what's happening at home when you're away? Honeywell Smart Home Security is an all-in-one DIY system that's easy to set up and monitor yourself with the Honeywell Home app. Check in day or night from your mobile device in full 1080p HD, get alerts for motion and sound detection, and customize with accessories for your needs. Protect what matters your way.
Save 20% off the Camera Base Station now with code CROOKEDWORLD →

Bad Punditry

Yesterday, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria dismissed criticism of his decision to host failed former White House strategist/white nationalist blowhard Steve Bannon on his show earlier this year, saying "Liberals need to understand that if they don't listen to people like Steve Bannon, those people don't disappear. It just means liberals will keep being surprised by election results.”
Liberals have mostly just been critical of news outlets that invite Bannon to headline public events, and reporters who let him spew unfiltered propaganda on live television, not of reporting on him and his movement, but that strawman wasn’t going to take itself down.


Jason O. Gilbert on Twitter: "CUOMO: I’m here at a legendary bagel shop to show Cynthia Nixon how it’s done. Because for real New Yorkers— COUNTER GUY AT AU BON PAIN: Sir there are like 30 people behind you"
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2018.02.24 18:08 MiopTop [OC] Who would most benefit if Roger Federer had never existed ? Here's what the numbers say.

I’ve recently been down the rabbit hole of Andy Roddick YouTube highlights, press conferences and interviews. It only strengthened my opinion that he was the player whose legacy was most hurt by having to compete with Roger Federer. Although I think that’s the most popular opinion, I wondered if there was a way to quantify it.
Exactly how many slams would Federer’s contemporaries have won, had he never existed ?
If you’re interested in the results, but not the method, just skip to The results

The idea

My idea was to use Ultimate Tennis Statistics ’s “Hypothetical Matchup” tool to determine who would have won the most slams in a parallel universe in which Roger Federer never picked up a tennis racket.
This is an advanced algorithm that calculates the odds of victory for both players in any head-to-head matchup, for a specific date, surface, tournament, round, etc …
You can find out more about it here
In order to put it to use, a couple of assumptions had to be made :

The method

So, for each Slam which Federer won, we have 21 different hypothetical matchups that could have happened by removing him (6 new matchups that represent what would have happened if his first round opponent made it to the final, 5 for his 2nd round opponent, 4 for the Round of 16 opponent, etc …). The “Hypothetical Matchup” algorithm is used to determine the odds of either outcome for all 21 matchups.
For example, for the 2018 Australian Open, these are the possible matchups that could have taken place :
Round Potential Matchup Respective odds of victory according to algorithm (%)
Round of 64 Bedene/Struff 42.1/57.9
Round of 32 Bedene/Gasquet 25.8/74.2
or Struff/Gasquet 33.1/66.9
Round of 16 Bedene/Fucsovics 55.9/44.1
or Struff/Fucsovics 63.5/36.5
or Gasquet/Fucsovics 76.4/23.6
Quarter-Final Bedene/Berdych 20.9/79.1
or Struff/Berdych 28.6/71.4
or Gasquet/Berdych 42.0/58.0
or Fucsovics/Berdych 18.5/81.5
Semi-Final Bedene/Chung 34.1/65.9
or Struff/Chung 41.7/58.3
or Gasquet/Chung 61.0/39.0
or Fucsovics/Chung 29.4/70.6
or Berdych/Chung 67.4/32.6
Final Bedene/Cilic 17.7/82.3
or Struff/Cilic 24.8/75.2
or Gasquet/Cilic 38.5/61.5
or Fucsovics/Cilic 16.6/83.4
or Berdych/Cilic 44.8/55.2
or Chung/Cilic 28.8/71.2
From that, we can calculate the odds for any of these 7 players to win the title with basic math.
For example, for Bedene, it’s : Odds of beating Struff x Odds of beating Gasquet x Odds of beating Fucscovics …
For Cilic, its : Odds of beating Bedene x Bedene’s odds of making it to the final + Odds of beating Struff x Struff’s odds of making the final …
We then have the Average Return on Slams (ARS) for each player for each slam, in this case, Cilic is estimated to have had a 62.8% chance of winning a Federerless 2018 AO, so he gets 0.628 ARS for that tournament

The results

For those who might have skipped to here, ARS (Average Return on Slams) is an estimate of how many more slams a player would have won in his career if there was no Federer.
Here’s the top-20 :
Roddick 3,46 1 4,46 78%
Nadal 1,88 16 17,88 11%
Djokovic 1,69 12 13,69 12%
Murray 1,53 3 4,53 34%
Hewitt 1,48 2 3,48 42%
Cilic 1,16 1 2,16 54%
Davydenko 0,83 0 0,83 100%
Agassi 0,78 8 8,78 9%
Gonzalez 0,54 0 0,54 100%
Berdych 0,51 0 0,51 100%
Del Potro 0,48 1 1,48 32%
Ferrero 0,43 1 1,43 30%
Philippoussis 0,42 0 0,42 100%
Kiefer 0,39 0 0,39 100%
Haas 0,38 0 0,38 100%
Soderling 0,37 0 0,37 100%
Wawrinka 0,31 3 3,31 9%
Baghdatis 0,30 0 0,30 100%
Safin 0,28 2 2,28 12%
Nalbandian 0,23 0 0,23 100%
ARS is the estimated number of Grand Slam titles a player would have had in a Federerless world, IRL is the player’s Slam count in real life, and TOT is the total number of Grand Slam titles each player would have in the Federerless world. ARS/TOT can be understood as the percentage of a player’s potential in Grand Slams that was “ruined” by Federer’s existence.
Here’s the most likely champion for each of Federer’s titles :
Tournament Most likely champion Odds of winning
2003 Wimbledon Philippoussis 42,4%
2004 Australian Open Ferrero 33,6%
2004 Wimbledon Roddick 62,0%
2004 US Open Hewitt 62,5%
2005 Wimbledon Roddick 56,0%
2005 US Open Agassi 52,9%
2006 Australian Open Kiefer 37,2%
2006 Wimbledon Nadal 67,8%
2006 US Open Roddick 60,8%
2007 Australian Open Gonzalez 49,3%
2007 Wimbledon Nadal 72,4%
2007 US Open Djokovic 66,2%
2008 US Open Djokovic 52,2%
2009 Roland Garros Del Potro 47,9%
2009 Wimbledon Roddick 67,1%
2010 Australian Open Murray 61,6%
2012 Wimbledon Murray 48,0%
2017 Australian Open Nadal 48,3%
2017 Wimbledon Cilic 53,5%
2018 Australian Open Cilic 62,9%
A few notes :


Statistically speaking, Roddick would most likely be a 5-time Slam Champion, and Nadal would probably be the unquestioned GOAT with 18 Grand Slams and counting.
What do you guys think ?
Would you guys like to see the results for another player being removed from history instead ?
submitted by MiopTop to tennis [link] [comments]

2018.01.19 01:18 PneumaticPtarmigan Number of times each player has reached the 3rd round in Slams in the 2010s [OC]

I figured - it's fairly easy to find out how many times players have been to the semis, finals etc., but the third round is kind of an intermediate stage, they've had a decent tournament at least, and won two games - so which players reach the round of 32 most often?
There have been 33 slams so far in the 2010s (if you include the current one), so that's the maximum amount that could have been achieved. Bold indicates they are playing in the third round of the 2018 Australian Open currently.
Men's Singles:
31 - Novak Djokovic
30 - Andy Murray
29 - Roger Federer
26 - David Ferrer, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
25 - Tomáš Berdych, Rafael Nadal
24 - Richard Gasquet
23 - Stanislas Wawrinka
22 - Marin Čilić
21 - John Isner
20 - Feliciano López, Gaël Monfils, Kei Nishikori, Milos Raonic
19 - Kevin Anderson, Gilles Simon
16 - Fernando Verdasco
15 - Juan Martín del Potro
14 - Nicolás Almagro, Roberto Bautista Agut, Philipp Kohlschreiber
13 - Grigor Dimitrov, Fabio Fognini, Viktor Troicki
12 - David Goffin, Sam Querrey, Andreas Seppi, Mikhail Youzhny
11 - Bernard Tomic
10 - Marcos Baghdatis, Julien Benneteau, Jérémy Chardy, Alexander Dolgopolov, Nick Kyrgios, Leonardo Mayer, Tommy Robredo, Dominic Thiem, Janko Tipsarević
9 - Jerzy Janowicz, Ivo Karlović
8 - Denis Istomin, Benoît Paire, Andy Roddick, Jack Sock, Guillermo García-Lopez, Steve Johnson, Jürgen Melzer, Pablo Carreño Busta, Mardy Fish, Marcel Granollers, Tommy Haas, Lleyton Hewitt, Łukasz Kubot, Andrey Kuznetsov, Nicolas Mahut, Adrian Mannarino, Florian Mayer, Robin Söderling, Sergiy Stakhovsky
5 - Teymuraz Gabashvili, Ivan Ljubičić, Juan Mónaco, Albert Montañés, Gilles Müller, Albert Ramos-Viñolas, João Sousa, Alexander Zverev
4 - Thomaz Bellucci, Damir Džumhur, Kyle Edmund, Dan Evans, Alejandro Falla, Ernests Gulbis, Lukáš Lacko, Xavier Malisse, Lucas Pouille, Lukáš Rosol, Jiří Veselý
3 - Nikoloz Basilashvili, Simone Bolelli, Juan Ignacio Chela, Borna Ćorić, Pablo Cuevas, Nikolay Davydenko, Thiemo de Bakker, Ivan Dodig, Juan Carlos Ferrero, Santiago Giraldo, Victor Hănescu, Martin Kližan, Michaël Llodra, Lu Yen-hsun, Paul-Henri Mathieu, John Millman, David Nalbandian, Vasek Pospisil, Diego Schwartzman, Dudi Sela, Radek Štěpánek, Mischa Zverev
2 - Pablo Andújar, Benjamin Becker, Aljaž Bedene, Ruben Bemelmans, Ričardas Berankis, James Blake, Alex Bogomolov Jr., Dustin Brown, Chung Hyeon, Arnaud Clément, Steve Darcis, Jared Donaldson, Evgeny Donskoy, Fernando González, Sam Groth, Robin Haase, Ryan Harrison, Pierre-Hugues Herbert, Malek Jaziri, Blaž Kavčič, Karen Khachanov, Paolo Lorenzi, Stéphane Robert, Andrey Rublev, Dmitry Tursunov, Grega Žemlja
1 - Radu Albot, Brian Baker, Karol Beck, Michael Berrer, Daniel Brands, Kenny de Schepper, Federico Delbonis, Nicolas Devilder, Víctor Estrella Burgos, Thomas Fabbiano, Márton Fucsovics, Federico Gil, Daniel Gimeno-Traver, Robby Ginepri, Jan Hernych, Tobias Kamke, Nicolás Kicker, Thanasi Kokkinakis, Evgeny Korolev, Stefan Koubek, Denis Kudla, Igor Kunitsyn, Dušan Lajović, Illya Marchenko, Maximilian Marterer, Andrej Martin, Jarkko Nieminen, Sebastian Ofner, Philipp Petzschner, Julian Reister, Édouard Roger-Vasselin, Tennys Sandgren, Eduardo Schwank, Florent Serra, Denis Shapovalov, Igor Sijsling, Tim Smyczek, Antonio Veić, Jimmy Wang, James Ward, Horacio Zeballos
Women's Singles:
26 - Agnieszka Radwańska
24 - Serena Williams
23 - Angelique Kerber, Maria Sharapova
22 - Petra Kvitová
21 - Victoria Azarenka, Caroline Wozniacki
19 - Venus Williams
18 - Svetlana Kuznetsova, Ekaterina Makarova, Carla Suárez Navarro
17 - Dominika Cibulková, Samantha Stosur
16 - Ana Ivanovic, Jelena Janković
15 - Sloane Stephens, Roberta Vinci
14 - Simona Halep
13 - Alizé Cornet, Sara Errani, Madison Keys, Maria Kirilenko, Li Na, Sabine Lisicki, Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, Flavia Pennetta, Lucie Šafářová
11 - Julia Görges, Garbiñe Muguruza, Peng Shuai, Andrea Petkovic, Francesca Schiavone, Barbora Strýcová, Elina Svitolina
10 - Marion Bartoli, Yanina Wickmayer, Vera Zvonareva
9 - Eugenie Bouchard, Daniela Hantuchová, Kaia Kanepi, Varvara Lepchenko, Nadia Petrova, Timea Bacsinszky, Sorana Cîrstea, Caroline Garcia, Kristina Mladenovic, Karolína Plíšková, Yaroslava Shvedova, Elena Vesnina, Zheng Jie
7 - Monica Niculescu
6 - Belinda Bencic, Kim Clijsters, Zarina Diyas, Camila Giorgi, Daria Kasatkina, Bethanie Mattek-Sands, Naomi Osaka, Tsvetana Pironkova, Alison Riske, Coco Vandeweghe
5 - Mona Barthel, Alona Bondarenko, Johanna Konta, Klara Koukalová, Petra Martić, Christina McHale, Jeļena Ostapenko, Shelby Rogers, Anastasija Sevastova, Carina Witthöft
4 - Annika Beck, Irina-Camelia Begu, Kiki Bertens, Madison Brengle, Petra Cetkovská, Lauren Davis, Casey Dellacqua, Jarmila Gajdošová, Justine Henin, Mirjana Lučić-Baroni, Shahar Pe'er, Monica Puig, Laura Robson, Magdaléna Rybáriková, Lesia Tsurenko, Heather Watson, Zhang Shuai
3 - Ashleigh Barty, Kateryna Bondarenko, Alexandra Dulgheru, Gisela Dulko, Marina Erakovic, Kirsten Flipkens, Jamie Hampton, Hsieh Su-wei, Bojana Jovanovski, Vania King, Alisa Kleybanov, Karin Knapp, Ana Konjuh, Anett Kontaveit, Aleksandra Krunić, Johanna Larsson, Anabel Medina Garrigues, Kurumi Nara, Pauline Parmentier, Yulia Putintseva, Anastasia Rodionova, Arantxa Rus, Maria Sakkari, Chanelle Scheepers, Sílvia Soler Espinosa
2 - Denisa Allertová, Akgul Amanmuradova, Gréta Arn, CiCi Bellis, Iveta Benešová, Jennifer Brady, Nina Bratchikova, Jana Čepelová, Chan Yung-jan, Kimiko Date-Krumm, Elena Dementieva, Misaki Doi, Mariana Duque Mariño, Irina Falconi, Anna-Lena Friedsam, Daria Gavrilova, Nicole Gibbs, Julia Glushko, Polona Hercog, Michelle Larcher de Brito, Magda Linette, María José Martínez Sánchez, Elise Mertens, Mandy Minella, Ayumi Morita, Paula Ormachea, Tamira Paszek, Kristýna Plíšková, Virginie Razzano, Anna Karolina Schmiedlová, Laura Siegemund, Donna Vekić, Aleksandra Wozniak
1 - Tímea Babos, Elena Baltacha, Eva Birnerová, Ana Bogdan, Julia Boserup, Alberta Brianti, Mallory Burdette, Beatrice Capra, Verónica Cepede Royg, Melinda Czink, Vesna Dolonc, Lourdes Domínguez Lino, Duan Yingying, Tathiana Garbin, Margarita Gasparyan, Jarmila Groth, Lucie Hradecká, Ons Jabeur, Mathilde Johansson, Sofia Kenin, Marta Kostyuk, Alla Kudryavtseva, Elizaveta Kulichkova, Regina Kulíkova, Luksika Kumkhum, Nuria Llagostera Vives, Vesna Manasieva, Tatjana Maria, Rebecca Marino, Yvonne Meusburger, Andreea Mitu, Romina Oprandi, Bernarda Pera, Ksenia Pervak, Dinah Pfizenmaier, Anastasia Pivovarova, Olga Puchkova, Aravane Rezaï, Dinara Safina, Aliaksandra Sasnovich, Valeria Savinykh, Patty Schnyder, Andrea Sestini Hlaváčková, Kateřina Siniaková, Tereza Smitková, Anna Tatishvili, Ajla Tomljanović, María Teresa Torró Flor, Taylor Townsend, Alison Van Uytvanck, Stefanie Vögele, Galina Voskoboeva
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2016.11.20 21:11 kishnabe [Request] [Steam] Tennis Elbow 2013 14.99 USD

Hi, GoG
Final Attempt:
I have longed to try Tennis Elbow 2013 ever since PCMR told me that it was better than Top Spin 4 and Virtua Tennis 4. Many tennis nuts have told me that this game is the real deal. It is like playing the actual sport itself. That those console peasant games don't compare.
As a tennis enthusiast, I always interested in everything to do with tennis. From reading tennis books from Allen Fox and Brad Gilbert. Studying up on Mark Kovacs Biomechanics of the Sport. Reading autobiographies of McEnroe, Becker, Laver, Nastase, and Agassi. Recommend Agassi and McEneroe for entertainment. Tried reading Nadal....he still a profesional. Not going to reveal anything juicy. Just like Andy Murray, 2 Bios.
Even applied to Kinesiology to pursue my dream of being an ATP trainer.I have been playing tennis for more than 10 years, have been following the sport very closely ever since. Favorite Player being Roger Federer. Used to hate Nadal even since the 2008 Wimbledon final. I cried for 3-4 days over that match.....really pull on the stings with all those rain delay and epic comeback from 2sets down......4-3 30-40 5th set......why Federer....
Just as emotional I can get from a match, just as wirry on the court. Do curse a lot when I miss shots...even though I know I am not that good enough to deserve to be spiteful. Just as heated on the court, I do get that same competitive nature when I play tennis video games. Other games..not so much unless they are stressful like Rogue Legacy.
I was able to sink so much of my time on these games when I do have some backlog.
Top Spin 4
Virtua Tennis 4 PS3
Virtua Tennis 4 Vita
EA Grand Slam Tennis 2
Most of my time going into Virtua Tennis 4 on PC, with around 2000 Ranked match wins and in the top 30. Servers don't rank anymore...don"t know where I am right now. Been playing Virtua Tennis 4 since 2011...never picked up on TE Elbow 2013...since it was so expensive. 35 dollars at that time when Sega had a sale for VT 4.
I have played other tennis games as well: SNES ( Super Tennis, Wimbledon), Nintendo 64 ( Mario Tennis?), Xbox( Top Spin), Nintendo DS (Top Spin 3, Prince of Tennis, and some obscure indie tennis game) and Dreamcast (Virtua Tennis). Also MiCoach (Ivanovic and Petkovic can train me any day :) ), Virtua Tennis 2009 and Sport Champions 2.
What is Tennis Elbow?
A tennis simulation game, not the prettiest one(even with the ITST MOD). It one of the few games, where I actually make a lot of errors. Top Spin 4, prone to a bit of errors and you can spam risk shots.
Virtua Tennis 4, it is impossible to miss since it is an arcade feel type of game. That why it so rewarding to actually play, and frustrating as well for many. It is however sluggish to play. I can't antipate like in other tennis games. The A.I. is very intelligent and annoyingly stubborn. You can get really good at the game, where in other tennis game there comes a limit to how good you across the competition. Top Spin 4 (Roddick Pre Patch hijackers) and VT4 (Andreas Seppi/Varied Shots...hate playing these...but sometimes I play them just to humiliate them with non VC character) have their cheap characters
An example of how good you can become: Not me playing, though I wish I can perform like this
Ridiculous...looks like I was watching a live tennis match.
First Attempt on the Demo
Got bageled, but I did return the favor in Virtua Tennis 4 on Very Hard. Have been playing the demo every day since September...rolling the dates back on my Computer calendar before the 14 days expire. Managed to beat the Normal level at (6,4,7,5,7-6) over a few attempts. Went up to Pro level at sub 10....got Bageled a few times. Got up to 2 and 3 games a few times.....progress. Hopefully, can get good as the first video.
Multiple Attempts later, 2nd Video
Using far better serves (Slice out wide on the deuce court, Slice on the t when playing ad, using Kick Serve to the backhand). My strategy was to pin the backhand, wait till he hit a weak slice down the line, then flatten a backhand cross court. Mostly failed because my backhand was not deep or did not hit the sideline. Then opponent snaps either a wicked topspin forehand down the line or short crosscourt....simply I am dusted.
The demo limits you to a hard court, and 1 set only. If I had to full chance, I would play 5 sets against Nadal on Clay using Federer. Did this on Virtua Tennis 2009, 4 and Top Spin 4 ( just to get the satification since the disappointment of the 2007 (Typical Federer BP conversion) and 2011 FO ( How did he lose that first set, and typical Fed BP Conversion) final as a Fed fan)
In terms of gaming on tennis: I started on Top Spin for the Xbox when I was 10, and have tried plenty of entries. From SNES Super Tennis (fantastic for it's day), Dreamcast Virtua Tennis to the PS3 entries. Mostly emulation due to costs, bar the PS3/Xbox games.
Been switching back and forth from VT 4 PC and TE 2013 Demo......really messes up the groove I had with VT 4. VT 4 the ball travels slower, down the line shots are 100 percent. You can easily play defensive game and win, where in Tennis Elbow 2013. You have to be aggressive, since the AI is frustratingly intelligent. Drop Shots, playing behind me and short angles if I put a short response. Slice is ineffective either down the line or Cross Court.....where in VT 4...where I can force the opponent to hit multiple balls. Which string the point in my favors .
Tennis Elbow 2013 competitive tournaments still going strong, been out of Top Spin 4 events since I sold the game after Completion. Would like to get back in. Would have got this game if it was 5 USD, but developer said he won't go that low. It has only hovered from 40 to 45% discount the last few years.
Steam Profile
Tennis Elbow 2013 Steam Link 14.99 USD( Regular is 24.99).
Thank you for reading.
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2015.10.28 22:06 tabledresser [Table] IamA JAY ONRAIT AMA!

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Date: 2015-10-28
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
Did you ever feel like there was a specific turning point in your anchoring career where you felt like you and Dan had been handed the reins to do highlights the way you wanted? Kind of. a few years after we started we really pushed the boundaries and then TSN pushed back.. somewhere in the middle we found a common ground and that's when the show really thrived. We always each had about 4 on cams so our philosophy was ... 2 fun ones... 2 serious... that way we didn't beat you over the head with jokes. one thing people may not realize: You will actually get all the sports info when you watch our show.
Jay! You're the man! Long time pod listener. Where do you hope FS1 will be in the next 5 years? Great question and thanks for listening... I would say in five years our network will be much more "complete"... a full slate of shows and hopefully more live events.. our show will evolve as well.
Is Peter Schrager as funny in person as he is on your podcast? He's hilarious on your podcast and then super serious on Cowherd's podcast. What is Schrags really like? He is awesome. On Cowherd's pod he is giving info. He is genuinely connected in the NFL and that's his main role with FS1. with us he is our friend so i think he feels he can loosen up a bit!!!
Jay, what are your thoughts about FS1? Was it a what you were expecting? If not, what were you expecting? FS1 has been an awesome place to work. pretty much what i expected but as i have stated many times wish we had just done our TSN show right off the bat.
Jay, one juicy story that didn't make into Number Two??? Original title of book was "dancing with ukranian girls"... that story didn't make it in... may be title of third book.
Hey Jay, big fan. How did you and Dan develop such chemistry on set? We just both have a similar philosophy about doing the show: Information first... always have fun. it's not supposed to be serious. it's sports.
How's fox sports treatin' ya? How's this new book different from the first? New book is better and funnier and i'm not just saying that. i think you guys will really enjoy it. Fox has been great to us.
What's the funniest "I'm not in Canada" moment you had, after moving to the inferior lands to the south? Hmmm great question... maybe after our baby was born and we got an itemized bill for the delivery. don't get that north of the 49th...
What was the craziest thing to happen on set? Last night was pretty crazy when we lost the World Series feed on FOX... thought Dan did a damn good job.
Mr. Onrait, we all know how funny you and Dan are together. How long have you guys known each other and how much time do you spend together off-air? Also, which broadcasting moment gave you the biggest laugh? Thanks, and looking forward to the book! We have known each other since 2002 when we started working together... off air we hang quite a bit actually my wife and i are taking dan AND HIS MOM out for dinner this Monday.
Jay, Any advice for an aspiring broadcaster? Be willing to move ANYWHERE for that first job. while you're there.. enjoy it... don't be negative.
What was your favourite story/bit you did on Sportscentre? What do you consider the best thing you've done on FS1 to date? Loved the bit we did last night where i gave my books to all the FS1 staff and they gave them away to hobos.
Hey Jay, How good of an athlete are you yourself and what sports do you enjoy playing? I am ok. I always joke that i am really bad but i am ok. I still golf and ski. Don't play much hockey anymore.
Just riding on to the top question, cause I can't not ask a question but Jay is answering on the first AMA that he made, but he doesnt know that its "removed", so if you want to read some of his responses got to Link to www.reddit.com. Link to www.reddit.com for ref. OKAY GUYS I AM DONE THE AMA!!! THANKS FOR ALL THE AWESOME QUESTIONS. GO TO jayonrait.com TO SEE WHEN I WILL BE IN OUR AREA AND COME OUT AND SEE ME IN NOVEMBER TO GET YOUR COPY OF "NUMBER TWO" SIGNED!!! HAVE A GREAT DAY.
What was your fondest memory from working at TSN? P.S. Canada misses you. Thanks! I miss Canada. fondest memory might be first Kraft Celebration tour. holy crap that was fun.
Hey Jay! How is Dan? When will you guys return to Canada again? Dan is great! we hope to be back on TSN in some capacity soon.
How is it like being on TV everyday for a living? The best. not even like working. I love it. I will miss it when it's over.
Which tsn anchors do you miss the most? Rod Smith. Hedger. Dutch. Kara Wagland. Nabil, Pretty much everyone.
Hey Jay! Love the podcst! You could really feel the love between you and Duthie the other week. So my question is what's the craziest Duthie story you got? He once invited NHL on TSN crew to his house and left his two Gemini awards on driveway to indicate which house was his.
Hey Jay, do you even know how to use Reddit? Link to i.imgur.com. I SIGNED UP LIKE THEY TOLD ME TO! IT'S THEIR FAULT THERE ARE A MILLION AMA'S lol.
Hey Jay, who is your favourite pod guest ever and why? Tough to say. Probably Taggart because he's been with us so long.
What do you think of the Weyburn KFC buffet? Have you ever eaten at it personally? Never. would love to go there with Graham Delaet.
Who told Dan that silver tipps was cool?? He has no control over that.
Huge fan of your work. What's your favourite brand of cereal? Also, what is better in Canada than the US? Loved Pro Stars back in the day. better chocolate bars in Canada.
Why did you leave the great white North? A great void has been left, please come back! Sorry! Wanted a new challenge. hopefully we are back in Canadian Tv's soon.
U/jonrait. My friend wants to know if you remember meeting him in Toronto at the Grey Cup? He says you had a greasy moustache and possibly smelled of whiskey. Also how do you like Balcarres, SK? Um i met a lot of people like that at the grey cup. Balcarres is great lots of delicious chinese food.
Hey jay, Miss u and Dan on tsn. Have u found a replacement for hookerharveys in america yet? PS first book was great Thanks! Hope you enjoy the second one. In N Out is like hooker harveys without hookers.
Why do Canadians comment so often on American politics? We are fascinated by it also our politics are boring.
Jay favourite bar in Saskatoon?? Yard and flagon.
Does Dan wear pants behind the desk? Does Dan wear pants ever? We both wear pants. nice ones.
When are you coming back to Canada? We hope to be back on TSN someday soon.
Hey Jay, big fan. Just wondering what's one thing you miss most about about TSN and one thing you don't miss at all? Miss the people.
Don't miss the lack of restaurant options in scarborough.
Juicy man! What's one American city you were most pleasantly surprised by after your first visit and why? Keep up the great work! Great question. I actually liked Detroit! so much history and the music scene amazing.
Hi Jay! Who are your top three dream podcast guests? Kristina Rose.
Dave Letterman.
Kill / fuck / marry with those three. Same order.
You watch Breaking Bad? Yes just like stephen harper.
Do you spend any time with Cowherd? If so, how badly do you want to punch him in the throat? He is honestly amazing. love the guy.
Who is better? McDavid or Jesus? Jeebus.
Is the Jay and Dan podcast live tour going to happen? Because that sounds fuckn wicked, bahd. It would be pretty wicked. issue is us getting the time off.
Is Andy Roddick the shitty tipper I assume he is? Can't say for sure but dude has $$$
What's the one segment you did that you were surprised TSN or FS1 let you get away with? Hmmm great question! maybe drinking tequila on the pod.
Hey Jay, do you wipe sitting or standing? Who the hell wipes standing?
Hey Jay, huge fan from here in the Peg! My question is what is the nicest bathroom you have ever pooped in and what made it so luxurious? P.S. The Zoo on Osborne closed down and The Pal is relocating to Downtown... I heard. Sad times. um... the bathroom at the Park Hyatt in Tokyo was pretty boss. Can't beat those Japanese toilets.
Do you miss doing curling with Woodsy? Big time. miss meadow lake.
Hey is BOBROVSKY off the force now for good? Or you think he could make a comeback? It's early ... he's fine.
Hey Jay, what is your best memory from your early days of broadcasting (pre-TSN)? Going for drinks after work at Global Saskatoon.
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2014.07.08 15:27 tabledresser [Table] IamA Professional tennis ballboy AMA!

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Date: 2014-07-08
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Questions Answers
Can you go in depth with the process during try outs to be a ball boy? What they make you do, etc. Good question. First everyone that is in the eligible age range (12-18) signs up either online or on-site (racquet club of memphis), then there is a tryout where the ~300 applicants gather in a indoor facility and throw, catch, and roll balls. While this is going on, there are about 10-15 people walking around with clipboards taking down names of people that "look good". Then there is another tryout for the peoples whose names have been taken down (usually around 250 names are taken), at this tryout it is usually about how fluid you are moving around the court and balance. The field of 250 is narrowed to 200 people who are selected for the job, these 200 attend 2 practices where we ballboy for real matches (usually college players) and get live feedback from more senior ballboys. In the end around 2/3 people make it, but I hear the process is much much longer and more competitive at the slams, especially the Australian Open.
Holy shit this is fascinating. I only get interested in tennis during the Australian Open and I've always been interested how the ball boys get the gig. You guys are so professional. No Problem! Thanks for the thanks.
Besides clothes and free passes what are the other perks you get? Are the players generous with the kids? Shoes, free food and drinks, and ballboys usually keep the smashed racquets. Most players just throw their towel and sweatband, but the Bryan Brothers gave away ~5 hats, their socks, shoes, ~10 wristbands, and a bunch of other gear from their bags, great guys, very generous
Does it pay well? Actually the only tournament in the world that pays ballboys money is the U.S. open, every other tournament "pays" by giving free clothes, shoes, and tickets for the entire tournament... this ends up totaling to almost $1500 actually.
So you're actually an amatuer ball boy? Link to www.youtube.com. If I earned $8 an hour for every hour I worked, that amount would still be dwarfed by the wristband I get that lets me into every single match for free worth about $1500.
After being ball boy for a while and the goodies stack up, do u ever think about selling some of it because u already have too many of them? E.g. limited edition item from a certain event The shirts and shorts are very nice (nike) so I just keep them and wear them, and there isn't exactly a great market for smashed racquets so ballboys tend to keep those as well as souvenirs
Do you enjoy being a tennis ball boy? and who is your favorite tennis player in the circuit? (I have a lot over time but my current favorites to watch are Murray, Djokovic, and Federer) I can't say i enjoy it, but you'd have to be crazy to pass up an oppurtunity to get up close and personal with the greatest players in the world. My favorite to watch (other than the GOAT RF) is currently Fabio Fognini, he has so much variety and is so charismatic its amazing.
What was the worst experience you ever had with a pro? Andy Roddick is terrible. He is everything a professional should strive to not be. The worst is when he hit me in the face with a 140 mph serve and despite the crowds "ooohs", he did not even glance back at me. Just a conceited ass.
How often are the towels changed? It seems kinda gross for you guys to have to look after sweaty towels but it not sure what the cut off would be for too sweaty. Great question. It's all up to the player, if they don't change the towel then we have to simply deal with the sweaty one. This isn't such a big deal with most players, but with someone like Ryan Harrison who sweats buckets, we have to hold his dripping towel and it's gross.
Have you "ballboyed" for the ladies? Who is the hottest in person? Eugenie is the correct answer. I ballboyed for the womens tournament for 3 years before it was removed, and yes Eugenie is byfar the hottest WTA tennis player, though the hottest i have seen in person is either Monica Puig or Lesia Tsurenko.
I take it Ana Ivanovic has never graced your presence. I love Monica, but she has a bit of a 5 head. Girl needs bangs. Personally, I think caroline Wozniacki is the hottest girl on tour other than kirilenko and Bouchard (they're in their own category)
Ever been with Andy Murray? Fortunately I have not, but I have heard that he's a really nice guy. Nobody can be worse than Roddick though.
I hear he is an absolute nong. Edit: On second thought, Bernard Tomic is the most conceited piece of shit I have ever met.
Yeah Roddick does seem like an absolute shit when watching it live. Tomic doesnt seem too bad though? The things you learn ahah. Tomic thinks he is the center of the universe and the greatest thing to ever happened to planet Earth. He's got sooo much talent that is being wasted.
What type of abuse have you had to endure? Also, who spit at you? Players taking out their frustration on ballboys such as throwing towels, lashing out, cursing, and complaining. Jesse Witten in his qualifying round loss... prick.
Jesse witten earns less then the ball kids. He doesn't even deserve to share the same name as one of the nicest guys ever, Jesse Levine.
What's the weirdest superstition you've seen from a player? Maria Sharapova will only take balls from the left side ballboy which is extremely weird and annoying, Tommy Haas will only eat at 1 restaurant the entire week he's at a tournament
Besides just fetching balls, what does your job mainly consist of? Cleaning the locker room, making sure players have balls to practice with, fetching racquets, and the 18+ ballboys drive players to the hotel if the transportation staff is swamped.
What hours/days of the weeks do you work? Typical shifts are either 8am-4pm or 4pm-close... the second shift can end at either 9pm or 2am just depends on how long the matches are, and out of the one week event, you work 3-4 days.
Does it have age limit to be a ballboy? What do you think about some tornaments (in europe I guess) switching kids with hot girls? The age minimum is 12 and the max is 18, though I'm not too big on all-girl ballboys, I can understand how these events are attempting to cater to the male audiences in various ways...
What type of training did you have to do before you were put on court? General practice with throwing, catching, rolling, knowing when to send the balls to the other side, how to stand, etc. It's mostly behavioral stuff, no performance training.
Have youy met del potro and how was he? also sharapova, williams, federer, djokovic and nadal. Sharapova is unbelievably sassy when it comes to how particular she wants things, and though Azarenka may seem like a b***, she's actually very nice (other than the unbearable yelling)
Best and worst experience with a player? Best- Anything having to do with Michael Russell, he's the nicest guy ever Worst- Roddick letting me hear it after I gave him balls instead of the towel.
Do you ever get lightheaded from concentrating for long in a potentially hot and dehydrating environment? U.S. national INDOOR championships.
Edit: actually one of my friends 2 years ago locked his knees for too long and passed out on court and had to be carried off so that's something.
Are there some players on the famous circuit that are genuinely nice and say hello to you etc before the game compared to others? Michael Russell is the nicest player on the tour, he says "please" and "thank you" when asking for balls/towels and is always friendly to the ballboys even off the court.
Cool.. Do they call a female a 'ballboy' as well? Actually to avoid this very issue, everyone is refered to as "ball kid", but occasionally a girl will be called "ball girl", never "ballboy"
How strict is the discipline while a match is going on? What's the most benign thing you could do that would result in you getting fired? Very very strict, no communication with players, strict dress code, and formal behavior. Talking to a player would result in immediate firing.
Is there any reason you guys move like robots? The whole point of ball boys is to stay unnoticed and provide service for the players, we are not trying to be unique.
Who's balls made you the happiest to touch? I really enjoyed touching Lance Armstrongs ball.
Who's balls are on your shelf at home? The only ball on my shelf is a signed ball from John Isner.
Have you ever gotten a chance to witness a John McEnroe rage? Actually I did ballboy for an exhibition match he played, he's actually a really nice and really really funny guy.
You sure you didn't keep Lance's ball? I only got to touch it, one of my friends got it.
What is the best testicle joke you've ever heard? A guy I know was offered a job at Ball State University, so there were many funny jokes that stemmed from that.
How often do you find yourself balls-deep? Whenever I'm tasked with cleaning the locker room, theres always one player who requires special treatment.
Why do you wear the mask? My face was bashed in by prisoners after I let that girl escape, I wear it to keep the pain down.
What's your most memorable moment on the job? Andy Roddicks diving shot to win the championship a few years ago. Guy is an asshole but sure can play.
Does the women's panties come flying off when you tell them what you do or see you in action? When a woman player loses and is need of comforting... the innocent ballboy is always there for her evil laugh
Do you ever flirt with the female tennis players, and when you do, does it get you anywhere? Haha no, the girl ballkids are the ones who clean the womens locker room, so unfortunately, no flirting
Would you say Kramer was your inspiration to be a ball boy? Hahahahaha, my inspiration was actually the ballboy from the movie Mr. Deeds.
What happens if you need a bathroom break during a match? You hold it in until the changeover at which point you are substituted out.
What is your best classic catch? and is there video of it? I am yet to have a Ricky Ponting style catch.
Do you guys get to talk to the players? If you do what about? Absolutely no talking to the players is allowed.
Do you like taking balls to the face? Cant say I do, I have been hit in the face once though.
How many times have you been hit and where? I've been hit 3 times... twice in the stomach and once in the face
Which one hurt the most and how bad was it? 140mph serve to the right cheek from Andy Roddick... will never forget it.
I have no words after reading that after all those years watching Roddick serve in official matches. Who bad was the outcome...? Not too bad, enough to make me flail, draw some murmurs from the crowd, and Roddicks opponent to ask me if I was ok.
Are you the boy with his mouth wide open in shock? Do you know him? I do know him, he's a funny guy
How many testicle jokes do you anticipate from this AMA? No more than I get from 11 year olds at the event.
You practice those burst to lunge at the ball? No practice, all natural talent.
spit at. Jesse Witten.
Who's your favorite player? The GOAT.
No idea why he keeps losing so early on the grass. If we're talking about why nadal loses so early, it's fairly fundamental, his game relies 100% on heavy high bouncing topspin balls, the grass absorbs the spin and the ball bounces lower into players strike zones making his balls much more manageable, the year he won Wimbledon, he was actually coming forward a LOT more and relying less on grinding, if he went back to that, he might have hoisted the trophy this year
What's the best female butt you have had to stand behind? Monica Puig o.O.
Monica Puig. Link to i.minus.com. Just so everyone knows... I honestly was hypnotized
If you could be a Ballboy for any tennis tournament outside the US, which would it be? Wimbledon!
If you were given the chance, would you take going over and doing the European Championships or Wimbledon?. I feel like those would be everyone's dreams to work. AB. SO. LUTELY.
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2013.11.06 20:20 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am Jay Onrait, AMA!

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Date: 2013-11-06
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Questions Answers
If you could guest star in one TV show, what would it be? Wow great question... Parks and Rec. I would love to appear as a small town sportscaster.
Can you come back to Canada? :( Someday.
What made you want to call BOBROVSKY the way you do? Simply thought his name sounded like a cop Al Pacino would have played in a 70's William Friedken Movie.
Marry, bang, kill. Bob Mckenzie, Dan O Toole, James Duthie? Marry James. Kill Dan. Bang Bob.
What do you miss most about Tsn and Canada? The people. At both.
Jay, I'm a huge fan of yours, a medium sized fan of Dans, an am relatively indifferent towards Producer Tim. My question is: can you offer any words of hope to the long suffering Oilers fans such as myself? Not really. Unless Katz comes to his senses and fires everyone in the front office (but keeps Eakins)
What is your favorite moment as a sports anchor? Phil is a Jets fan is right up there.
How much hockey does the FS1 panel actually watch? Not much.
How much of your shows are scripted/teleprompted? How much is ad-libbed? Edit: I am the bad speller. About 50/50 adlibbed scripted.
What's your view on Rob Ford's crack fiasco? Do you think you will make any jokes about it on television? Also, how do you think the leafs are going to do this year? Already made a ton of jokes on TV today. Leafs will make playoffs get to second round and break hearts again.
When birds migrate south for the winter, why do they come back in the summer? Seems unnecessary. They are returning to their true home. THey only go south to survive. Just like me at Fox Sports 1.
You and Dan had a lot of repeated jokes and stuff on TSN. Did you guys feel like you had to adjust your style for Fox Sports One at all? For example, how do you think an American audience reacted to a Littlest Hobo reference I saw recently? We won't really change anything. We just have to explain who Littlest Hobo is... and then we will cram him down the throats of Americans at will.
Is Big City Ken actually Rob Ford? Does crack give you hiccups? That's an interesting theory. Would make a LOT of sense. Never tried crack.
Why did you leave Canada? :( I'll be back (money)
Hey Jay, how's the mo? Looking good! Going with the "selleck" this year.
Do you have an embarrassing tan line yet? Yes. Balls.
If you got in an anchor-off with Ron Burgundy, Tom Tucker and Kent Brockman, who would win, why, and how? Brockman is a cartoon he would die we would just erase him.
Jay, Canadian, Labbatts, or Moosehead? Moosehead for sure.
Did you ever, during your time in T.O, ever smoke crack with Rob Ford? Not even in a drunken stupor.
What do you enjoy most about the Palomino Club? Cougs.
Thanks for doing this Jay! What would you say is the biggest contrast between Fox Sports 1 and TSN? More money.
What would you say is the weirdest thing about Dan? And which one of us don't you like? He never wears sunscreen yet has a pale complexion.
Thanks for doing this AMA. What's your favorite moment so far being on fox sports 1? Meeting Mike Tyson and having him scare the living crap out of us then reveal in a press conference 5 days later that he is still drinking and not sober.
What is a funny memory you have from having grown up in a drug store? Dad kicked all my friends out after I invited them over to read comics for free.
Do you really masturbate as much as you said in your Jay and Dan podcast? I really do. Relaxes me. You should try it.
What have you done in one of your drunken stupors? All in my book. Puked A LOT.
Do you ever feel more restricted at Fox Sports 1 than you did at TSN? Or is it a more open and free environment? Maybe even MORE open.
Hey Jay! Big Fan... congrats on the marriage. Question: Biggest difference between living in the states vs living in Canada? Weather notwithstanding. Easy: Health Care is not for free.
Who has aged more gracefully, you or Dan? Dan for sure he has all his hair.
Does Darren Dutchyshen wear lipstick?? No.
Have you and Dan ever had any fights in your time of knowing each other? Literally not one. Pretty weird.
What do you think of Dion Phaneuf? 2nd year in league with Calgary thought he was amazing... not sure why his play dropped from that level. Baffling actually.
JAY! Huge fan. I love the fact that you brought your Canadian spirits to the US, it's incredibly refreshing! So what keeps your personality grounded? Also, you and Dan have been together for years now, how do you guys manage not getting tired of each other? We have simply fallen in love with each other. He is not a bad guy.
How has life in LA affected producer Tim? Assuming he's still alive of course. Massive coke habit.
How is Dan's moustache looking? Awful.
Why is Dan so short? Genetics.
Are there athletes at all that have good taste in music? Yes. Joffrey Lupul for one. Likes My Morning Jacket.
What are the odds we can get a Ian the PA vs. Ryan the PA cage-match fight to the death on the Podcst? Also, how does Engineer Jim's hair smell? Love this idea. I will implement it. Engineer Jim's hair smells really good actually.
Have you ever had a conversation with Don Cherry and did he call you a "good Canadian boy"? Never met the man!
What is your best James Duthie story? He never invites me over to his house.
When will Regis be on the podcist? Probably never but I think he secretly likes us.
Hi Jay! Are you going to be doing Olympics again this year? It makes so much better than it already is! Also is there any major changes in your style for when you and dan moved to fox? I don't get it up here :( Yes doing Olympics for FOX... no major style changes ... we will never change we are not smart enough.
Are you and Bobrovsky close friends? Never met him hope to this season.
What's your personal opinion on the role of fighting in hockey? Do you think that player safety should trump something that's historically been a part of the game for a long time, or do you believe players assume the risk when they decide to play the sport professionally? I think fighting should be in. Seriously believe it solves more problems than it causes.
What's your work schedule at FS1? Get to work at 5 write for 3 hours on air for 3 hours... in between i get make up from our super hot makeup artist Joanna whom you saw on the podcast... life is not terrible.
If you could be an egg-laying mammal, which one would it be? Fish (caviar)
Hey Jay. First off on the behalf of Canadian sports fans I would like to say we miss you like crazy and want you back. Now for my question, I had to deal with losing you and Alfie in the same year, it's been rough, what are your thoughts on Alfie leaving my beloved Senators to go to Detroit? I think it's a damn shame and made little sense. The guy should have been a sens lifer. They totally screwed that up. After all he did for the franchise just give him the money and be happy you had such a great person representing your team and town.
He always said he and his family would stay/retire in Ottawa. there was no reason for him to leave. It's pathetic.
Onrait! Love Fox Sports 1. Does it ever get to your head...this is it I made it to the big leagues? Not really. I was happy at TSN! Just great to challenge yourself and do different stuff. I am very lucky.
If you were to change one thing about your life story, what would it be? Would have gone on one of those Quebec exchanges in 11th grade and learned French and met a French girl and had sex with her. And learned french. Wish I had learned french.
Hey Jay, big canadian fan here from North Bay, ontario. 2 questions. Now that you and Dan are gone, whos on the case? What caused the decision to leave TSN? please dont say it was all about the money :( It was all about themoney.
What do you miss most about TSN? And Canada? Will we ever get to see producer Tim? Miss coffee crisps... you will never see Tim.
Hi Jay! I love your work, my question is what was the main reason for you moving to fox sports from TSN? New challenge 2. Money.
Favorite memory while covering hockey? Going to Olympic gold medal game at Vancouver 2010 and having better seats than William Shatner.
Do you like Hubba Bubba, or Double Bubble? Hubba Bubba.
Jay, in your opinion what's the best part of your job? PS: Did you know I'm a professional photographer? Best part of my job is that it never feels like ajob.
Will we ever get to take a dump in Dan's car? Also, I'm really excited to read Anchorboy, you (and Dan) are by far my favourite personalities on TV. And your podcast is amazing. Thank you it was really fun to write. Hope you enjoy it. I plan on taking a dump in dan's car right after this AMA.
What is the worst thing you have done in a drunken stupor? Puked all over my uncle's bathroom.
Jay, as a budding young sports broadcaster myself, I am a huge fan of yours. Now how do I stop saying "Mike, Boner's at the door!" or "Phil's a Jets fan!" to random people? You don't. Just go with it.
Hey Jay, thanks for doing the AMA, big fan! Any chance you are going to be stopping in the 'Peg on your tour? We do owe you a lot after you were single-handedly responsible for our team being renamed the Jets. Yes... I am planning to come to the Peg... hopefully early december... will keep you guys posted on my website.
ERRRSBERG?!?! Miss thatguy.
Damn it I'm 4 minutes late. Jay! Who's your favorite person to work with at Fox Sports One? Charissa is awesome.
If you weren't in broadcasting what would you be doing? Pharmacist.
How integral were you and Dan in the hiring process of Mr.Logue? Very. We are solely responsible.
What are your favourite memories working in Winnipeg? Loved doing "best of" shows with Jon Ljungberg.
Also, what Canadian thing did you have to explain the most to your Fox Sports co-workers? Toques.
What do you think of Saskatoon? Loved living there. Awesome town. I intro'd Toolsey to the toon and he loves it. Crazy Cactus rules.
What do you miss the most about living in Kensington Market (or Toronto in general)? How many darts does Producer Tim go through on an average day? Miss Ronnie's Local (69 Nassau) amazing bar great people. Tim is about a half a pack now.
I've purchased your book which has been a great read, that paragraph where you were in your parents bathroom destroying it in great detail (chapter 4 if I remember correctly) was a lovely thing to read aloud to my roommates. Thanks for buying my book... It's funny because Chapter 4 (pooping in front of my parents) ... was ALMOST cut out of the book... then Doug my editor convinced me to put it back. Thank God as it seems to be the most popular chapter.
What I wanted to ask was what would be your biggest piece of advice to a student who wants to get involved broadcasting, in particular sports? I know there has been many snippets of them throughout the book, but what would be of greatest importance? Another big piece of advice I would give anyone in this busines is that you should be willing to move anyway and EMBRACE that move. It will make you a better broadcaster (news or sports) if you actually live in more parts of this great country than the city you grew up in. And who knows you may actually enjoy it. Never thought I'd live in Saskatoon and I'm really glad I did.
Since you're a hockey fan that isn't a flyers fan? Do you hate the flyers? Personal thoughts on emery the other night? Don't hate anyone. No real thoughts on Emery.
Do you like the Bee Gees? Huge fan. Great songwriters.
Hey Jay, I used to watch you on Big Breakfast when you were on in Winnipeg. I just want to ask: What were your favourite parts of the city? Also, did you bring your Gino Reda moustache cup with you to LA? I'm currently drinking coffee out of mine. I lived in Osborne Village. I loved it. Loved Toad in the Hole. Wasabi sushi... I went back recently and really enjoyed Billabong It's an awesome city and I loved living there did not bring Gino mustache mug.
Who has worse traffic? LA OR TORONTO? TOronto.
Did Bob Mckenzie trade you to FSN? No.
Do Bob Mckenzie & Darren Dreger have a secret rivalry? They really like each other a lot.
Do you hate Glenn Healy as much as I do? No I like Glenn he makes me laugh.
Have you ever had a player get mad at you for a joke you've made? what happened? Yes.
In lieu of "T.V. Theme Vault" being axed from the new podcast - what are some ones you were saving but never got a chance to share? Always wanted to do Mr.Belvedere.
If you had to choose, who's hair would you rather have: Charissa Thompson's or Andy Roddick's? Love this question.. CHarissa's obviously... at least I'd look like a member of Hanson. Andy has almost as big a forehead as me.
What is the single biggest difference between working at TSN and working at FOX Sports 1? By the way, which NHL team does Phil Kessel cheer for? Biggest difference is we have way more people working on the show.
Do you guys feel a lot more pressure working for Fox compared to when you were at TSN? Also, do you have the same degree of liberty/creativity in what you can say/do on air? Never feel pressure can't do anything about ratings... how people react... just be yourself and have fun I say.
We have more creativity.
Hey Jay, bought the book can't wait to read it while I have my mid afternoon coffe and drop a deauce. Thanks for buying Anchorboy! We started off slow and gradually made the show our own. We kept trying to push it and to TSN's credit they knew where to draw the line. They used to always use the term "dial it back 10 percent"... in the end I think we found the perfect balance.
How did the you and Dan start doing your own take on sports center? Did it start with a few jokes and snowball into something bigger over time? Also what was the reaction of your bosses to you guys basically doing whatever you wanted? One thing I think people don't realize is that not that much of it is planned. To me the funniest stuff on SC and Fox SPorts Live is when we just ad-lib reactions to highlights. That's how "Kessel is a Jets fan" happened.
Plan to do any funny/friendly bets on Sochi with your American coworkers? Dan and I plan to hold hands and walk into Olympic Village in rainbow TSHIRTS.
JAY! What was the toughest thing to get used to on the new show and in the states? Having to pay for health care.
How's the move to the US been? Do you miss Canada? Was it all for the money? Pretty much.
Afternoon Jay! Who's the bigger diva, O'Toole or Duthie? O'Toole by far.
Have you found anything comparable to the Crazy Cactus in LA yet? Yes. "Chez Jay" actual bar in santa monica.
What is your favourite episode of the Littlest Hobo? The one where he saves the country of Canada.
Thanks for doing this, Jay. I'm a Broadcast Journalism student in Ontario and was just wondering what advice you would offer to someone who wants to make it into the Broadcast industry? Watch sports.
Jay. What would you give up first: ketchup chips or poutine? Could never ever give up poutine.
Hey Jay! What style of moustache will you go with this year? The Selleck.
Also, how are you adjusting to the American lifestyle? Adjusting well to the weather.
Whose idea was it to exclaim "WATCH IT... WATCH ITTT!!! for game promos? If it was yours, what in the world gave you that glorious idea?" Not sure. Just came to me one day. Totally organic.
What's the thing you enjoy most about working at FS1 and what do you miss most about TSN? Great people. And they buy us all the Yerba Mate we want.
Miss starting show with 20 mins of hockey highlights.
How is it like working at FS1 vs TSN, sport popularity wise? I know here in Canada TSN shows more hockey than MLB and NFL, do you notice a big difference in the states? Obviously we don't start the show at FS1 with 20 mins of hockey highlights (unfortunately) I am actually enjoying the college football and basketball though... I love all sports so it doesn't matter.
What was the process in your decision to go to work for Fox? Sportscentre is just not the same! Honestly we were totally happy at TSN..would never rule out coming back someday...
Just wanted a new challenge after 10 years... try something new... and the weather and money did not hurt.
Do you and Toolsy get along outside of work? Strangely yes.
Who is producer Tim? God damn it we MUST know. A real person. A person that will never be seen.
Did you ever end up going to the Canton Cafe Chinese joint in Charlottetown? Torrens recommended it after all... No did not make it. I stick to Richmond Hill (Golden Court)
What's something you wanted to do on the air at either TSN or Fox that was shot down by the powers that be? Great question. Nothing really too scandalous. I just got in trouble at FOX for saying Dave Dombrowski's kid looked like "Spalding" from Caddyshack when he was wearing that light blue blazer at the ALCS (he did)
Why did you leave TSN? Come back please... Someday.
What is your favorite kind of soup? Clam chowdah.
Love the show and Podcast, you and Dan have great chemistry, keep it up. Never Change. My question, why do you think Hockey is not even mentioned on other major sport networks? We are talking about it quite a bit on FSL! DOing our best.
What names are you guys thinking of to guest host the Fox podcast if any of you are away? No guest hosts.
Hi Jay, Just wanted to say I love the podcast that you and Dan do, Thursday is my favourite day of the week because of it. One question, are there any major differences in working in the American television industry compared to the Canadian television industry? Here's the difference.
In Canada our cameras were robotic. Actual robots.
In America we have this two guys who shows up before the show, asks us if we want water... then we never see them again.
Do you miss Timmies? Just the coffee... everything else has gone downhill.
Jay, Thanks for all the free funny on the podcast! 1) Will you guys ever bring back some sort of TV Show theme segment? Any time you guys were reviewing a video was gold and resulted in so many funny sound bytes. Any chance of something similar at Fox? We can't do tv theme anymore becuase of rights issues.
Were you in a Michelina's commercial? I wish!
If I get to your signing by 630 tonight will I still get in!? Wait for me Jay! WAIT FOR ME!!! Yes I'm sure you can get in... the Chapters/Indigo on the Queensway is pretty damn big.
Is Tim the Producer still as gross as ever? He's not really gross just angry.
Who are more scary: Kensington Hipsters or Venice Beach Hipsters? Venice Beach for sure. Kensington harmless. Venice has an edge.
Aspiring journalist/reporter here, currently in school. One piece of advice for me going forward? (or two, or three...) Watch sports.
Watch more sports.
Read sportswriters bloggers you like...
Jay, Huge fan. Your coverage for CTV during the Olympics routinely had me in stitches. Are you planning on being involved with the Olympic coverage at all? (Or does NBC have that wrapped up). Going to Sochi for FOX. Going to be an amazing time.
SC in the morning just isn't the same without you and Dan. Who is your favourite NHL player and why is it Bobrovsky? He is great. All time fave player: John Tonelli.
How would you describe your tsn replacement Darren Dutchyshen? He seems odd, but I can't pin down why. Huge pipes.
Are you working blue tonight? Pretty clean actually.
Why is your height listed on Wikipedia? No clue.
What would you rather fight, ten duck sized Rob Fords or one rob ford sized duck? One
Do you get paid more at Fox? Yes.
Reveal to us the airplane story that couldn't be said on a podcast Masturbate on all flights over 6 hours.
Hey Jay, welcome to the team. i'm currently in PCR202 working on Champions League. you should come down and say hi to us! Oh and tell Pat Muldowney he needs to work on his mustache. Hi thanks! Big fan of PCR 202 ... Muldowney takes enough abuse let's let him be.
I am very upset you guys left canada, I cried. We still feel bad about it. But we may return someday.
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2013.06.15 18:20 tabledresser [Table] I am a singer and pianist at a very famous piano bar on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. AMA

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Date: 2013-06-15
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Questions Answers
Because you're not a good enough musician? Yeah its too advanced. harder to play than steely dan / joni mitchell combined.
Any stories about brawls? What exactly do you mean by "drunk shenanigans." Are the slutty girls not tourists? Are these "working girls"? Or just working girls. Without sounding cocky or anything, the truth is that i get hit on a lot by women. phone numbers, hotel room keys, etc. (being able to play piano & control a room is a pretty powerful thing)
We've had some pretty big fights but 99% of the time it's a fun atmosphere- ppl drinking and singing along with us. the fights are usually Alabama football v LSU fans.
If you want to get laid there are a couple steps you've got to do. 1. Learn to play an instrument or one song really well. 2. Play it in front of drunk women. 3. Get laid. -Guy Code. Its sort of like having a super power, or being super handsome. but yeah, man, years and years of practice (at piano and performing, not getting laid lol)
Ever take any of them up on it? :D? A lady never tells.
Could you please please please please a million times please do a rendition of Tom Waits's Alice? Damn you guys are too damn hip for me with these awesome requests :-\ i can play "down in the hole" or another tom waits for ya but i haven't learned "alice" yet (but what a great tune)..
I'm down with anything from Tom Waits. Do your favorite song. Also, what a nice album from James Booker that is. Link to youtu.be hope you like it!
How in the hell do you guys remember so many songs? Do you just sit around learning random tunes that drunks might think of? I have lyrics and chords on the iPad they let us bring on stage. if a song i dont know gets requested a lot, i'm losing money by not knowing it, so i learn it. but sometimes, if i really love a song, i learn it. the last song i learned bc i liked it was "Diane Young" (from the new vampire weekend record). sounds fucking great on piano too.
Can you upload a video of you playing Diane Young? Link to www.youtube.com
Craziest Bourbon Street/bar story? One friday night about a year ago, i was singing "hotel california" to the piano bar full of people (i think it was around superbowl time. totally packed). anyways, i get to the line in the song "they stab it full of steely knives, but they just cant kill the BEAST." As soon as I say the word "Beast," all of the lights in the room go out. Pitch darkness.
Everyone starts to freak out, yelling, spilling drinks, trying to head for the exit but theres no light, glass everywhere.
Turns out it was a result of a black out in the entire french quarter. Everyone had to leave, because power wouldn't be restored for hours.
Apart from that, Mario Lopez was in the piano bar last night, so i guess that's just as crazy (AC Slater requesting "tiny dancer"). I got douche chills..
Do you play any other instruments? I consider myself "basically terrible" on guitar. I have been attempting to learn the cowbell, as well. Very difficult instrument.
Two questions... Who would be your dream partner to play with? If the table was turned, what's one song you would request? Elton john (or the ghost of james brown)
"gimme shelter" by the rolling stones or "badfish" by sublime.
Is this your dream job, or are you working on something? Ever dream about taking your show on the road? Am I correct that you play the piano? I'm mulling over a request. "Piano man" seems so cliche. But it is a great song. I just turned 30 a month ago, but i don't plan on working on bourbon street my whole life. i record a lot and write a lot, and try to stay creative & busy. always getting better.
Okay, how about the song How Come My Dog Don't Bark? Can you do that one? I don't know that one actually, but i know dr john's "such a night" and "right place wrong time"
Either one of those? i can play it now real quick if u want ;)
How about "such a night," haven't heard that one for a while. Thanks! Just recorded it, its uploading (give it a min and i'll post the link)
What songs are requested the most? I'll bet the tips are pretty good from all of the drunk tourists. Sweet caroline.
Piano man.
Tiny dancer.
Don't stop believing.
Brown eyed girl.
These are the most by far. i've played "sweet caroline" more times than neil diamond himself, guaranteed (he's never had to play it 5 times in a night lol)
How do you feel about Bob Breck's toupee? Partly askew with a chance of drizzle.
Lucky Dogs. Best drunk food ever or the worst drunk food ever? Gross. made from dire wolf meat and broken dreams.
Question from the wife: what's the application process like? The application process involved me calling the GM every day for like a month, telling him i'd play for free for a week, etc. i was pretty persistent (read: annoying) i initially didn't get the job, and had to move to pennsylvania for a few years bc of hurricane katrina. when i got back, the GM called me to play, so i found a replacement piano player for the casino gig i was at, & drove straight there from mississippi. been there ever since.
Question from me: what's up with the dude with the tray full of coins? It's annoying. Thats alvin - he's a great guy, and good friend. been working there 42 years;)
Is Lafitte's haunted? And do you know a man with the last name Spence? Not sure but theres some crazy juju in that place. i've played there before and its really fun
Doesnt ring a bell.
What's the biggest tip you've received, most famous patron? $1500 to play American Pie. Apparently the guy had just won a whole lot of money at the casino, and I happened to be in the right place at the right time. You better believe I played every damn verse of that song. There's at least 483 verses, fyi.
C-Can I request it?? Full version please, I hate it when the radio skips verses, as I know the whole song by heart. I love that song... I understand it's a bit long and understand if you say no.^_^ Apparently the going rate for the full song is around $1500.
As a fellow pianist, I think your job is amazing. This would be a dream job for me except I cant sing :(. What kind of piano education do you have? When did you start playing? Knowing so many songs, is there a trick you use to remember them or is it just remembering the chord progression? Its hard to explain, but because i mainly am playing by ear for work, i just have to be familiar enough with a song, the general "vibe" or rhythmic feeling it has, and its not that hard. i have the ipad at work mainly for the lyrics. ALSO, i am pretty terrible at remembering peoples names/faces. i have the suspicion that all that space in my memory is being used up by shitty jimmy buffett songs.
Horny Gators. Hand Grenades. Daiquiri Shops. Absinthe. What's your favorite drink to get that may be overlooked or unknown to a visitor on Bourbon Street? Try a Gin Fizz at Tujague's, or an Old Fashioned at the Ritz.
Got any good stories of famous people coming in? Funny celeb story, zac brown was in the piano bar like 3 months ago, and i was sort of nervous because everyone was requesting zac brown songs. its nerve-racking playing someones song in front of them. i mean, fuck that. seriously. anyways, i played "colder weather" and it went OK and then i noticed the guy had signed "Thanks for the music. -Zach" on the napkin. he was totally NOT fucking zac brown (theres no "H" in his name), he was just a hillbilly with a trucker hat and a grizzly adams beard drinking bud light and signing autographs, hitting on girls. dude fooled the entire place for 2 hours, taking pictures, etc. in retrospect, it was pretty hilarious.
Michael buble came in after a show here in new orleans and was super nice to everyone, taking pictures etc. apparently he requested one of his own songs "save the last dance." During the superbowl in Feb, we had a ton of celebs come through. jerry rice, jason bateman (hero), billionaire jerry jones (great tipper ;), got to meet michael phelps, everyone was super nice. andy roddick and brooklyn decker came awhile back, she requested "don't stop believing." (i DEFINITELY didn't smell the napkin after she handed it to me like a creeper. promise.). the crossbow dude from "the walking dead" comes in every year for new orleans comicon, super nice guy. and last, but certainly not least, Lance Bass.
That's awesome! Also you'll get a lot of /thewalkingdead fans talking about Norman Reedus, or "The crossbow dude" haha. Norman is a cool dude. came in with the boondock saints cast (minus willem dafoe) and requested "rocket man"
What song do you love to play that people don't request enough? Michael jackson "the way you make me feel" --love it.
I'd like to see a recording of this one! Sure i'll post one- gimme a sec.
Link to youtu.be there ya go.
What are your favorite and least favorite events in NOLA? Like Mardi Gras, Bayou Classic, Jazzfest, etc. I guess bayou classic only because its the most dangerous weekend of the year. also, never to wear a pink tie during "southern decadence" weekend. huge mistake, though the crowd is actually really fun and they are good tippers.
Best random sit in guest? In the history of the piano bar, i'd have to say either willie nelson or kenny rodgers, though this was before my time. we do get a fair amount of celebs but i havent had any notable sit-ins, unfortunately...
Question: How long have you been playing? Do you have any formal qualifications/training/grading/boss level victories? How many hours per week do you play, practice included? Request: Tom Waits - All the world is green. Statement: You're cool. Thanks man, i am on stage performing at least 20 hours a week. besides that, i am always learning new songs, writing songs, thinking about music. just finished a music video for a new music project. i also do a considerable amount of session work, where people hire me to play piano in the studio for hip hop/country/liturgical/anything... helps to be versatile.
Are you ever unable to play something because it simply wouldn't work on piano? If i try hard enough i can do a rendition of anything on the piano. even lil wayne.
Since other people are doing requests...I would love to hear a piano rendition of Biggie Smalls Going Back to Cali. The only b.i.g. i know is "juicy" -let me know if thats aight.
Heck yeah man, I couldn't decide between juicy and going back to cali. Link to youtu.be
Any Beginner tips for a young pianoman looking to start somewhere? Don't be afraid to make mistakes. my immediate reaction when i hit a wrong note or can't reach a high vocal parts is to smile. we're not performing brain surgery over here. if you stress out over it, the audience can tell. have fun and enjoy it. shake it off, homie.
You will learn SO MUCH MORE from bad gigs than from good ones. and you WILL have some awful gigs, starting out. learn from them. (i still have bad nights all the time)
Don't underestimate the power of a good business card. with design/printing, they may cost you 150-200 bucks, BUT the'll last you for years. makes you look professional. also, always overdress for gigs.
Lastly, i'd recommend going to a nursing home that has a piano sometime and play for the elderly. not only is it good karma, but they are the easiest audience you'll ever have. it will be the highlight of their day, even if you sound terrible:)
Good luck, and feel free to email me if u have any more questions: mageezbeats at gmail.
For God's sake, do you know "Football's coming home"? Piano bars just aren't the same across the pond! What's your favorite piano bar song that doesn't seem to get enough love? Billy Joel - Vienna is one of my favorite piano songs that we rarely get requests for.
I don't understand how. It's such gorgeous song. Post it? Sure gimme a few minutes
Where did you live when you were in Pennsylvania and what did you do there? I would looove if you could do a Steely Dan song for me. "Kid Charlemagne" if you know it. Never saw someone able to play it on the piano. Woof... i'd rather not try and embarass myself trying to rock out some steely dan on the piano. shit is written for 12-string and is crazy. musically brilliant, but cray. lived in bethlehem, pennsylvania and finished my bachelors in music performance degree at Lehigh University (was at Tulane)
Do you play at lafitte's? :) No but i have played there before. awesome spot, and the owner, Joe, is a great guy.
I've just started watching Treme, the TV show, have you seen it? If you did, what did you think of it? How accurate would you say it is in their portrayal of New Orleans musicians? Watched the first episode and but didn't watch anymore. i'm sure its a good show, but it is literally like walking outside of my apartment and walking around (i live in the french quarter near the marigny / treme area). would you watch a show about your yard and job and your neighbors and yourself? too familiar to be interesting. but i do love the wire, so david simon knows whats up.
That's awesome... Was trying to guess by the background... One last guess, then I will stop... Pat O'brien's? :) Can't really confirm or deny. But you're pretty much narrowed it down ;) i'll say this- its the BEST piano bar in the world. That should be enough of a hint.
Makes sense. Thanks for answering and great job with the AmA! Thanks. new to all this but its been fun.
Did you work Mardi Gras night this year? I think I got to see you play. There's only 2 male players there, so its likely.
Son could you play me a melody? I'm not really sure how it goes but it's sad and it's sweet and I knew it complete when I wore a younger man's clothes. Dont know any. sorry.
Hmm, maybe i'll ask billy joel. Link to www.youtube.com. Thanks for the link! was that leaked off kanye west's new album? super tight!
Kind of a weird question, but I always thought Bourbon street had nothing on Frenchmen street (less authentic, more touristy/tacky, just my opinion, though, please understand). What makes you love Bourbon so much? I don't love bourbon street. actually, i havent gone out on bourbon street in years. frenchman has a lot more new orleans authentic jazz groups and a more laid back / less touristy atmosphere by far. when i have a night off, i usually just watch netflix.
Do you play "at the gangbang"? Nope. sounds like a beautiful song though.
Can somebody give you money NOT to play a song? I swear to God if I go to a piano bar and hear Piano Man one more time I'm going to lose my shit. Other question: what's the hardest song you know? Last piano bar I went to I requested Yes - Roundabout and the dude laughed and said he couldn't play it. Some piano bars do that, but at the one I work at, we don't stop playing songs just because someone throws money at us. As far as the hardest song I know, it's a toss-up between "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" and "Changes" by Tupac.
Its hard to rap like Tupac and play relatively-complicated bruce hornsby chord changes at the same time. Like patting your head & rubbing your belly at the same time.
Cool. I play piano too and The Way It Is is one of my favorite songs to play. The songs we get requested are normally simple pop tunes, musically.
Uhmm, if you may could you pour your talent into some Johnny Cash, maybe "God's gonna cut you down"? Thank you so much. You're the best! Ok i've never heard the song before but i am going to challenge myself to learn it real quick and give you a video. no bullshit. give me 5-10 min.
Thanks. i give myself a B minus for accuracy, but an A for effort.
I play out a few nights a week solo acoustic and know about 70 songs. 3000 is fucking amazing! How long are the sets you play? What kind of vocal warm up do you do so that 5 nights of singing doesn't kill your voice? We play hour long shifts 4 times a night. thats 4 hours a night with hour long breaks in between.
My record is 22 nights straight singing multiple hours a night. (that was during the saints superbowl season lol...)
I guess i have good technique (never taken a singing lesson in my life), lots of water, and hitting the vibrate button when people call me during the day.
Green tea/honey/lemon when the pipes are feeling scratchy always helps. or if you are a drinking man, try a shot of baronjaeger (honey liquor, works like a charm)
Aww, so it's like the Disneyland of New Orleans? That doesn't sound as cool as what I had in my head. Bourbon st is not that cool. actually its the least cool part of new orleans. but trust me you'll still fall in love with the city.
Chopin--Polonaise Heroic, Op.53. Not doing any more videos today. maybe tomorrow.
Also, is there any work in New Orleans for a bassist these days? And YES. good bass players are the busiest musicians i know. GREAT bass players can never fit you in because they're so booked up.
I just moved to Baton Rouge from Texas. Do you ever come play here? I am a musician myself and love finding new people to play with. Yea i'm actually playing a charity gig in BR june 25th but i normally don't play there much... you play around town?
Not yet. Going to some open mics in the coming weeks to jam and meet the local musicians and hopefully find someone to gig with. Where are you playing in BR later this month? You have a dream job, man. Somewhere on lsu campus i think for a big art charity foundation. thanks man- its a fun job. always interesting.
Aww you're our favorite one!! Does the bohemian rhapsody get played every single day? I can't get enough of screaming that freaking song, but I'm sure it gets old for you! Thanks for keeping up our fav spot :) Thanks:) yeah, it gets requested quite a bit (not the easiest song to sing though) nice name, by the way.
Have you ever covered any music by jam bands like the grateful dead or phish? I plan on going to New Orleans in the next year when I turn 21 and I would be so happy to hear some good ol dead. Casey jones, scarlet begonias, & a couple more i can't remember.
Check this guy out! Old video, but I love it Link to www.youtube.com. Whoa nice- "paper planes" is one of the songs i've sat down to learn, but its such a weird track that its hard to put melodic content in there. thanks for the link.
Silly question but what the heck, have you ever met lil wayne or birdman? Was hired to interview birdman for YRB magazine a few years back, unrelated to the piano bar (i'm not a journalist by any means but a friend needed a favor). he was wearing an all gucci tracksuit and showed up in a stretch PT cruiser. true story.
I had a chance to see one of the best singepianist/storytellers in the business one night in Seattle. Allen Toussaint took us on a journey extraordinaire that night. Do you do that kind of show? I think the art of telling a story with music as the backdrop is going by the wayside. Love allen toussaint. incredibly talented and really connects with the music. ALSO, my vote for New Orleans best-dressed of all time. (huey p. long being a distant 2nd)
Did I just see a fuckin' shuriken made out of money?! Definitely still have the shuriken. its worth far more than the $2 it was constructed with.
Do people ever request New Orleans jazz music or is it just rock/pop? Everything from scott joplin to (shudder) carly rae jepsen.
Just recorded it, its uploading (give it a min and i'll post the link) Link to youtu.be
My 11-year-old daughter requests Adel's Rolling in the Deep. I warned her that might not be your style, but I told her I would ask. Sure give me a sec
Started at 4 and a half years old. had classical piano lessons up until college, majored in piano performance at Tulane... parents really cracked the whip, made me practice hours a day. really hated it then, but i thank them every day now. Ps fuck the jets.
Try a Gin Fizz at Tujague's, or an Old Fashioned at the Ritz. As far as bourbon st goes, i wouldnt recommend any novelty drinks whatsoever unless you want a hangover. but that's my personal preference bc i hate sugary drinks. some of my girl friends love the "190 octane" daiquiris (they are deceptively strong too)
I'm in the UK here, so don't really know New Orleans. Can you tell us a bit about the famous piano bar and Bourbon Street in general. Thanks. Without going into specifics about my particular place of work, a piano bar is a place where people can sit a table with their friends, write down song requests on a napkin or paper, and hand it to the players (sometimes with tips, sometimes not). then they get served a strong mixed drink concoction, and enjoy hearing their favorite songs live. it's like a concert where you determine the playlist, and everyone, including the patrons, can sing along and interact with the show. if you want to know about bourbon street in general, i dont know where to begin... it's a place where bad decisions are made, the original "boulevard of broken dreams."
. I'll love you even more for doing this song. Ok lol not bad for having never heard it to 5 minutes later: Link to youtu.be -i like challenging myself ;)
Sure gimme a few minutes Link to youtu.be love this song.
I've played piano all my life, and I am nowhere good enough to do something like this, but this sounds like a fucking dream job. Human jukeboxes, spreading good cheer for lots of people. it is an awesome job, though it can get mentally exhausting, like any other job.
I'm going there tonight! I'll draw a Snoo smiley face on the napkin request :) I'm not working tonight :-\ whats snoo?
Wayne and I want to know what your favorite winged mythological creature is. Dragons, mostly.
A few months ago I drunkenly asked you or one of your colleagues to play a Kate Bush song. I just wanted to say I'm sorry. Forgiveable. better than asking for a song by the band bush.
What are some of your favorite bars to go to in nola, sidenote i'm from louisiana also. Dba/blue nile on frenchman, delachaise uptown. honestly i'm at a bar so much at work i dont do too much bar-hopping when i have a night off. in the french quarter, i like finnegans, sometimes bmc.
I know its cliche', but I love "Piano Man" :D Such a good song! ^_^ I hope you're not entirely sick of it!!! I'm not entirely sick of piano man, per se.. sometimes i catch myself on auto-pilot, however.
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2012.08.10 05:21 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I was a Ballboy at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships in 2011 and 2012

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Date: 2012-08-09
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Link to my post
Questions Answers
Proof? Proof up after my dinner!!
How much training did you go through; what did it entail? For my first year there were 3 stages of training. The first stage involved training at school, twice a week before school - one session fitness one session ball skills (rolling and feeding). Then if we were selected out of the 50 from school (10 places) we went to wimbledon training (1000 people for 150 places or so) which was once a week mixing fitness, ball skills and court practise) these went on for three hours. After we were chosen from this stage they basically kicked out all the bad people and focussed more on us. i met tsonga nadal and djokovic umm the mens final last year and i had tsonga a few times. i delivered towels to djokovic and nadal last year in the mens final and talked to them both :) (commence fan boying)
Thanks for the reply, dude. Men's final? Sick. Yeah I know right? It was such a live atmosphere !
Mandatory question: Who's the biggest jerk and who's the nicest player? Tsonga is such a lovely guy we were having some banter on court :) i would definitely turn for him ;) also federer is such a nice guy :) ummm ferrer was a bit of a douce because he spat in his towel which he then went on to throw in the ball kid's faces.
I knew it - Ferrer is a DOUCHE !!! Ultimate douche.
I actually met Tsonga when he was at the US Open a while ago. Nicest athlete I've ever met - just a down to earth, great guy. Yeah exactly!!
Autographs? Did you get any player equipment (sweatband, a ball used etc.). Is "the catch" famous in the ball boy world? Where you nervous you would go to get a ball and fall in front of millions (what was the most nerve racking thing you had to endure)? Did they have a physical fitness test and if so what did it entail? Did you smell Federer.. does he smell good? I bet he does. No autographs as we werent allowed to ask! we each got a tin of used balls at the end of the tournament which they were selling at about 35 i think. ahaha yeah the stage is a nerve wracking one! my friend fainted on camera XD yes three hour sessions once a week for 6 months federer smells like cream of victory.
I have a question! Are you going an answer any of these questions??? Also, proof? Yeah i can answer your questions and ill put proof up after i finish my dinner!!
THIS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN SOME FUCKING FOOD. Ahaha i hadnt eaten since breakfast :'(
How loud are Sharapova's grunts in person? Ridiculously loud!!
How many towels does Andy Roddick go through in one match? One - unfortunately for him!! its normally dripping by the end :@
What was the punishment if you held up play by slipping or dropping a tennis ball? Nothing just the stares of the players who look at you like youre a moron.
Seems like a pretty strict job. Was it difficult to get hired? Easy to get fired? Unbelievably strict!! everything by the book or youre out. Honestly i dont know why i went through it, probably because at its peak it was really fun but yes it was incredibly strict. No electronics in case you speak to the media. No talking outside. No anything apart from stand straight, be quick and roll straight and flat.
Who has the most annoying habits? Also, who's the most uppity player? NADAL NADAL NADAL He doesnt come off as a nice guy - he is OCD extreme! you cannot interrupt his rituals.
Next time you see him can you tell Nadal not to pick his ass so much live on tv infront of millions of viewers, he does it ALL THE TiME!! Maybe someone should invent underwear for him that doesnt crawl up his butt. Or maybe he's trying to get extra attention to his shorts which he is paid to advertise? That or he's got a very itchy butt! And yes I will tell the 2nd best player in the work exactly that next tome i see him.
Does Serenas ass really look that great in person? She is a lot more intimidating in person!!! so i didnt try and peek!
Relevant. Ahaha nah i dont even find here attractive tbh - i prefer the junior girls considering they are a lot closer to my age!
Do you enjoy balls? Who doesnt ;)
Who is your favourite tennis player? Would you trust that player, William Tell style, to stand 10m away from you and knock an apple off of your head by hitting a tennis ball at it? Tsonga and federer are my favourites. NO - although Link to www.youtube.com
What was the pay like? Umm it wasnt classified as pay because otherwise it would have been less than minimum wage!! I worked it out that it came to less than £1 per hour!! but yes we did get a 'voluntary contribution'
How do you guys deal with sitting in that crouched position through long rallies? It looks painful. Bloody hell you dont understand. One hour on one hour off crouched down for two solid weeks - it becomes very painful!!!
Have you ever been tempted to put Federer's jacket on? Yes who isnt???!?!?!?
How did you get that job? Do they look anywhere specific or is it just a standard application process? Was it volunteer work? If not, how well did pay (exact numbers not necessary)? We werent payed as such but we did receive money as a 'voluntary contribution' because it was too little of an amount to be called payment (it would class as almost slave labour if it were called payment) !! £170 for the two weeks (£10 a day plus travel expenses)
Were you there for Djokovic's matches? If so I'm jealous. No sadly :( i had him last year so kind of.
Nicest player? Worst player? Was there much snobbery? Did you get any cool goodies? Like players towels or other items? Are you actually a fan of tennis? Tsonga/ federer = best ferrer= worst snobbery in terms of what? umm yes :) got to keep all of my ralph lauren kit and got free balls, posters and some other cool stuff :) i had the british junior doubles champion (who were competing in the mens doubles) and one of them left their sweat bands down but because im not allowed to help the court coverers clear the court i had to stand there and watch somebody else pocket them :'( Yes i am a great fan of tennis and follow the slams when i can :) although there were loads of people there who werent!!
Which pro have you had the most interaction with? Do they actually acknowledge you and talk to you? Who's your favorite? Tsonga is the only one who talked to me - hes such a nice guy and a crowd pleaser!! But on the whole the players do not acknowledge you because they are so focussed on their game which I think is perfectly fine!
Are those balls hard to catch? Not with training.
Do you play tennis as well? If so, did you find that you learned more by actually being around pros than by simply practicing on your own time? Ahaha yeah i do play tennis but not competitively :) after the tournament i was SOO excited to go and play like an absolute beast because wimbledon level feels like normal after watching it for 10 hours a day for two weeks! but no it didnt help my physical game but just my mental game (choices of shots, placement etc)
Were you rooting for Murray this year? I'm assuming you're from the UK, so what was it like seeing a countryman in the Wimbledon final? Yeah the atmosphere for murrary was electric there!! i personally didnt like him before that tournament because he never showed any reason for me to like him - he was a a bit of a douche but his crying at the end kind of bucked his trend so next year im all for murray!
Did you ever want to yell Hush!!! at Sharapova? Ahaha no i wouldnt want to ruin my chances with her ;)
***** Question (madcaesar): I have a question! Are you going an answer any of these questions??? ** Also, proof? Answer (Thadderful): yeah i can answer your questions and ill put proof up after i finish my dinner!! ***** (continued below) Huh?
Have you ever worked with any BallMen? Nah the age range is 13-17.
Any players mean or rude to you? Not really!!
What tennis player was rudest to you? Nobody they were all respectful to me.
How many new balls are used in a match? Or rather, how many times is each ball re-used? One group of 6 balls is used at any one time. these 6 balls are replaced after the first 7 games and then after that 9 games (the ball change is deferred for two games for a tie break)
Have you ever wanted to throw a ball at a player while he/she serves to mess up their game? NONONO i would be kicked out!! also i have never had cause to, apart from it might be funny / to get on tv.
What is the the worst you've been treated by a tennis professional? Do any come to mind as straight up jerks? Not any that i encountered but ive heard stories - ferrer spits everywhere into his towel and expects the ballboys to handle his spit :'(
Who is the nicest female tennis player? Did you have any interactions with the tv commentators? If so, who is the nicest one? Umm i didnt have any interaction with the tv commentators - actually no Tim Henman comes down to our underground pen every year to congratulate us so him i suppose.
Nicest female tennis player was one of the juniors who was actually my age!! she was quite hot aswell actually but also very considerate of making us run :)
Shouldn't be. It's the summer holidays. The weather is nice (here at least), maybe he went outside? Or playing video games. Outside !! have to stay fit for next year!
Have you ever told a girl this hoping it would get you laid? If so, did it work? Umm no - and no.
Can you please try it and report back. Thanks. Ahaha sure - I can see the line 'im exceptionally talent with my balls' coming (ha) off pretty well :)
What's the most embarrassing screw-up you've made in your ballboy career? I haven't had that many tbh, a few slips here and there but the worst mistake I ever made was that I went to roll the ball to the base (ball bit standing up) and started to turn back to my kneeling position too early in the roll meaning that the ball bounced off my foot and across the court to the base in the other corner! I was so worried somebody saw it (ballboy staff) but I was lucky!
Did you have a chance to take part in the Olympic tournament too? No sadly i dont live in the correct borough! i would have loved to though - lots of my friends did.
Hey mate, are there going to be any answers? As a tennis player I would really like to know what Fed and Rafa are like during changeovers... The feds is a calm dude :) he didnt even take any water for like 3 whole sets once!! very calm and complacent. Rafa however is the opposite. I dont like him that much tbh - he is too fidgety and he will shout at you if you do anything to break his routines and rituals!! sorry about the delay.
In your opionion does the Higgs field theory (as in the Higgs Boson) hold enough validity to explain why objects as small as atoms hold enough energy to explain the force of nuclear explosions? Also would you care to say which upskirt view you enjoyed the most at Wimbledon? In my opinion there hasnt been enough research on the matter and we dont have enough facts to know that. Ummm myself and tsonga having banter on court or the mens final last year.
Do you plan on answering any questions? Yes.
Why do the ballboys throw 3 balls at the players and then immediately the players bounce one back? Is it in the Wimbledon regulations or something that they must throw 3? No the players ask for as many as they want but they just take all three sometimes, some take one and then ask for another if they double fault, its the player's choice.
what does RAFA shout? Vamos (come on in spanish) but it sounds like bvamos.
Hey, thanks Thadderful! I've never seen Fed drink more than a few sips between games/sets; I always wondered about that. Thanks again, mate!!! Dont worry about it :) it was ridiculous it was so hot and the other guy was practically having a bath!!
Did you have any funny slips that made it on tv? Did anyone you know? Nah i have had some slips but not on any major courts luckily enough!! the outside courts get very slippery as soon as it starts raining.
How many tennis player's balls did you fondle? Oooh too many ;)
Is this you? No but that is my friend robert from two years below - i trained him and my teacher uploaded that to youtube i thinK!
Ever met Del Potro? If so, what's he like? Nah but i saw him - he seems like a nice guy but i never met him so i cant answer fully!
Is there a hierarchy or something similar to determine which ball kids advance to the finals? Yeah definitely! In 2011 (in my experience) it was more: the better the individual the better courts you're on and therefore the better players you see! This year I found it more to be based on how good your team was so an entire team could be hindered by a vast day or a bad member. Also during training to get to the championships there is an ongoing point scoring system which is a collection of your score in various tests put together to find an overall score which is used to determine how good you are overall. Some things which would be tested are rolling accuracy over long distances (the long roll), the accuracy of rolls over short distances - hitting a can from ten feet with three attempts, the speed at which you can roll and receive (the wall bounce), your general ball skills (changing two balls between your hands as many times in 10 seconds we were getting like 30 times if you want to try!) and there were also tests on speed and ability to change direction quickly whilst handling balls (putting it down and then picking it up again on the way back etc. I hope this helped - I gave a little extra info because I'm bored and in bed but ask away of you want!
Seeing this post just reminded me: Can we get someone who washed dishes at this summer's Olympics to do an AMA? Don't know if funny or douche.
Can we have proof? And answers to questions? Yeah im getting proof now.
What's the best story you have from your time at Wimbledon? Ummm i wasnt actually on the court for the men's final last year but i went on by the players entrance 3 games in to deliver towels to djokovic and nadal into a packed centre court - it was amazng!! That or the court coverers trying to guess my name (Thaddeus) which not many people are going to guess! they went through the most ridiculous names for nearly an hour - i had to spell it out with my hand on the floor at the end!
Did you grab a lot of balls? Oooh lots!!
Did the constant rain delays bug you as much as it bugged the television viewers? No actually it was nice that it rained so much! It may not look like it but it is hard work being on court and the rain made it cooler and we also didn't have to work as much! Although we did end up passing at least a few 8 hour periods underground
Why do you have to hold the tennis balls straight up in the air before giving them to the players. It looks like referee movements, which is fine, but if it weren't on the professional stage it would just look a bit awkward don't you think? Yes very awkward!! it is supposed to look professional and if everybody does it the same way it does look good! there is no particular reason for it being straight up except thats the way we were taught!
What was the weirdest habbit/pre game routine that you saw a player do? Ummmm, Rafa is the weirdest i think, he has to have his water bottles in the correct place all the time! apart from that there are stretches and stuff, some prayers but nothing too major.
Knew a couple girls in highschool (this was before they switched back to primary and secondary schools) that got to be ballgirls at Wimbledon. Were all the ballboys/girls from the local schools or can people from other areas apply too? All local schools - its the only method of induction - check out the website if you want they have a list of schools that they take from.
How do you apply for such a position? There was an assembly at my school about it and I turned up to the training! That was it! It's only available for local schools though
Is there an upper age limit to this? 18 if youre keen but nobody does that.
Yeah 17/18 because that is the last year of school but normally people dont do it above 16.
Did you automatically get asked to work the Olympics too? No local schools were used for wimbledon however only schools from raynes park and merton got the job for the olympics.
What was the selection process like? I feel a giant game of hungry hungry hippos would be a pretty good test. Ahaha the original hunger games ;) answered elsewhere if you want to look - too long for twice.
Would you do it again? Yes if i get back in for next year, which if i do will be my last year.
So how is tiffins treating you? Haha how did you work that out? And good! Thanks for asking stalker!
Why so you bellboys and ballgirls have to act so cordial . Holding your hands in the air when passing balls etc ? Its just the way we have to work!!! it looks smart.
Who's your favourite player? Tsonga - such a nice guy and a beast on top!
How big is your ball sac, would you say? Ummm enough for three nice big tennis balls.
Why are there no Ballmen? Because they only take from schools.
On a scale from 1-handicapped, how much do your knees hurt? Fucking hell. You dont understand the pain. Two weeks of kneeling down. try it !!! they still hurt whenever i have to stand up and there were 3 inch scabs on them by the end of the two weeks.
Proof? I had it im just re uploading it
Did you have to go through a workout / training regiment before actually starting? Answered elsewhere but yes.
Have they ever considered letting you wear very thin knee pads? Say only half an inch thick so you don't look too goofy? No they are very strict about their uniform so unless they were made by ralph lauren no!
I'm sure they could pay Ralph Lauren to make some. Apparently ralph lauren PAYS THEM to be able to make their kit!!!
I never understand the concept...people decide to do AMA's, and then they split only to come back hours later to apologize and say >>I went out so that i could return to some questions but then... :D. Anyway....what do they feed you at wimbledon? What do the players eat? Do any of them have specific snacks they demand to eat while they play? We get so much crappy junk food but we get loads of it and burn off the calories so its okay!! the players eat whatever they want, i dont actually know but i would guess healthy stuff! yeah they often ask for bananas or they bring special sachets of 'juice' (legal of course)!
Advertising. Yeah exactly.
Will you answer a question? Yes.
Bone any ball girls? Nope - we all had a party on wimbledon common on the final sunday but no 'boning' for me!
Posts AMA. Doesn't answer a single question. Ahaha shit sorry - i was dragged out of the house after waiting here for half an hour! My bad everybody :(
Federer has always seemed a real gentleman to me. Yeah he is such a class act and for so long, personally i think he is the best to ever play however that is with quite a short lifespan and obviously havent seen the previous legends.
Since my knees have only just recovered. You're certainly blowing this AMA. Yeah sorry :(
She doesn't grunt during her practices, I saw her at the US open. Yeah thats true actually.
Chill out guys. It's only been an hour. He probably wants to wait for a lot of questions before he starts. Thankyou but no :( i went out XD but im here now fire away.
You should blur out your name in the proof and also the address (if it's yours). Thankyou so much! I'm on my iPod now so I can't but I'll door when get up tomorrow!
They just get to keep the kit i think.. No money aswell
Is your name alex and are you an mi6 spy. Nah not mr Rider im afraid!!! I really want to read that book again now! The book description is not much like irl which i found confusing considering horowitz went there! also its annoying alex went there and got a job without doing any training!
Ha... ball boy. So many innuendos there!
Well no questions seem to be answered. 3 of my friends were Ballboys too at Olympics this year. Sorry!!
If I had to guess, it might be because a can of tennis balls comes with 3 in it. So I guess they give them all the balls and they just throw the one they don't like back. Again, just a guess. Nah sorry mate!!
OK so I was wrong about the size of the cans. Everything else is correct though. Yeah pretty much.
Not a question, but I believe after the U.S. Open last year there was an AMA from a ballboy. If somebody could find that I think that would help a lot of basic questions. No actually there are a load of differences - firstly wimbledon is like the army compared to macdonalds (US open) in terms of strictness
I'm sorry for that douchebag Andy Roddick. Not really a question. It's just....I'm sorry. -America. Nah hes a great player and its incredible to watch him play!! but yeah.. douche.
I love it when jackasses do AMAs and then just piss off. did you let all the other ballboys snatch up the netters, too? slacker. Sorry bout that :( i did wait for quite a while - my life isnt just the computer!!
Is life as a ball boy or a ball girl anything like the stuff going on in caddy shack? Dont know what that is sorry!!
Ever taken one to the face? Nearly!!! a serve bounced off of the net post and hit the chair right next to my head!! i caught it though so i looked smooth ;)
Federer or Nadal, who's a gentleman? Someone had to ask. Let's end it once and for all, fellas. Federer is such a gentleman in my opinion compared to nadal. He just has a much more friendly and warm attitude which probably comes with years of supremacy compared to nadal who doesnt seem to hold such a nature about himself.
Do you have balls up your ass? LOLno.
PROOF MOTHERFUCKER, DO YOU HAVE IT? Yes uploading on imgur now.
Right. About 50 questions so far. What is the best amount of questions to return to the AMA to actually answer things? Or is he back in school and can't actually answer? No school here starts again on september 7th.
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